Cancellation Policy


It is the aim of the clinic to provide quality dental care to patients and to use clinical time effectively.
When we book an appointment for you, we commit that time and our resources to your treatment. If you
do not attend your scheduled appointment and either do not tell us in advance or give insufficient notice,
we are unable to allocate the time to another patient.

We do of course appreciate that you have busy lives which may mean that you may not always be able
to attend a previously scheduled appointment. Please contact us and we will endeavor to rearrange your
appointment at a more convenient time.

However, failure to attend an appointment or provide notice of a cancellation (see below) means that we
are unable to offer the appointment to other patients. We then have to charge a cancellation fee if we are
unable to re-book the time allocated to you. Appointments are charged dependent on the length of time
allocated to you. Cancellation of a hygiene appointment will be charged at the full appointment fee.
For this reason, it is our strict policy to request deposits and make a charge if insufficient notice of
cancellation or amendment is given.


We make appointments with the expectation that you will attend at the agreed date & time to undergo
your treatment. If you change your mind or work/other commitments prevent you from attending, we ask
you to provide us with the required notice (see below) so that we can reallocate your appointment slot to
another patient.

When booking your appointment, we will normally seek a deposit from you, payment of which is your
confirmation of your commitment to attend your appointment. Our deposits are normally fully refundable
providing sufficient notice of cancellation is given (see below) and will be set at the following levels:

• New Patient Examinations: 100% fee payable
• Appointment times 1 hour 30 minutes (and over): 50% fee payable
• Appointment times under 1hr 30 (but not including 1hr 30): nil deposit
• Sedation/Oral Surgery/Root Canal/Implant appointments: 100% fee payable
• New Patient Hygiene Visit (Direct Access): 100% fee payable

In certain cases, we may request the full amount of an appointment as a deposit. This will include
Sedation, Oral Surgery, Root Canal, Implants or if an external practitioner is being brought in especially
to treat you or if a very long appointment is being reserved for you.

We may, at our discretion, accept a booking on a provisional basis without payment of a deposit. In such
situations, we will normally agree alternative arrangements for payment of the deposit with you. If you do
not pay the deposit within the timescale you have agreed, we reserve the right to cancel your
appointment and reallocate the time to another patient.


If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, then you should inform us as soon as
possible and no later than:

48 hours before the scheduled start time of your appointment

Please note that Saturdays & Sundays will not be included in these timeframes so notice to cancel
an appointment scheduled for a Monday must be given no later than the preceding Thursday
(depending on the length of the appointment).

Providing you give notice of cancellation or postponement/amendment no later than this deadline,
your deposit can be refunded to you on request. If you do not request refund of your deposit, it will be
held on your account and may be used against the cost of future treatment.
Where non-standard treatment is being undertaken by an external practitioner who is being brought in
especially to treat you, these deadlines do not apply and agreement to cancel will be at the sole
discretion of the practitioner concerned.

Non-Attendance (Including late cancellation & late arrivals)

If you do not attend your appointment, cancel later than the deadlines shown above or arrive late, we
reserve the right to make a charge as follows:

• New Patient Examinations: 100% fee payable
• New Patient Hygiene Visit (Direct Access): 100% fee payable
• Sedation/Oral Surgery/Root Canal/Implant appointments: 100% fee payable
• All other appointments will be charged for each 30 minutes (to include rounding up to the
nearest 30 minutes): £50.00

This charge will be debited to your account with us. If you have not paid a deposit, settlement of this
charge will be required before treatment can continue.

Late Arrival

Established patients

If you are an established patient and you arrive 15 minutes late or more to your appointment you will
likely be asked to reschedule. One or two late patients cause the entire daily schedule to fall behind.

This is an inconvenience to other patients who arrive on time. Please help us to help you by arriving on

New patients

Likewise if you are a new patient, we are required to ensure your new patient registration process is fully
completed before your appointment commences. In order to ensure your appointment is not rescheduled,
you are asked to arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment as it
takes this amount of time to complete the process with you. If you fail to do so and we have insufficient
time to complete registration, your appointment is likely to be re-scheduled. However, this will be
dependant upon what appointment time is left for this to happen. If your appointment does go ahead, it
is important to note you may need to be re-booked to finish off what treatment remains. In this event,
please be aware you will be charged an additional appointment cost irrespective of whether that
appointment takes the same set time or less. It is therefore important to arrive on time.
We strive to see every patient as close to their appointment time as possible. However, this can only be
achieved by arriving on time for your appointment.

Appointment Reminders

Please note that, although we send text and email message reminders (see below for scheduled
reminders sent) before appointments are due, the successful delivery of these relies on our text & email
provider, your mobile/email network provider and your phone and therefore cannot be guaranteed. All
reminders sent are logged internally on our server.

Email reminders are sent approximately:

• 1 week before your appointment
• 3 days before your appointment

Text message reminder is sent:

• 2 days before your appointment

Patients are required to respond to the text message by responding ‘OK’ to automatically confirm your
appointment on our 24/7 system

You should not rely on our text/email messages as the sole reminder of your appointment as we
will not be responsible for any appointments missed as result of non-delivery of the text/email
message reminder, regardless of the reasons for its failure.

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