Dental Implants


Dental ImplantsDental Implants are a very stable and successful way of replacing missing teeth. They allow for a gap to be filled with a realistic looking ceramic tooth or teeth.
They are comprised of 3 parts:

A Titanium Post- This is inserted into the jawbone (the Implant itself, which acts like the root of a natural tooth).

Abutment- This provides structure for the restoration

Restoration- this can be a Crown, Bridge or Denture, which fits onto the abutment(s) and provides the visible part of the implant in your mouth.

Implant treatment normally has two stages:

First, the Titanium Implant is placed during a minor surgical procedure. This is done under Local Anaesthetic, the same as you would have for a filling for example. You can opt to have Sedation for this stage if you prefer as we have our own in-house Sedationist.

Approximately 8 weeks later, when the implant has healed into your jaw, the abutment and replacement teeth are attached to it.

In some situations it is possible for temporary teeth to be attached to an implant at the time of fitting.


As we know, prices widely vary from clinic to clinic. The quality and appearance of the treatment performed does too.

As an award-winning clinic our fees reflect our experience, dedication, exceptional standards of the work we provide and only the very best materials that we use. Nothing less will do.

We fully appreciate cost plays a big part when seeking treatment but it is also equally important to ensure you are receiving exceptional quality that not only looks good but lasts!

Here at TwentyOneDental you will receive just that. Exceptional quality with long-lasting results.

Wherever you may decide to be treated, NEVER compromise on cost. The cheapest option is not always the best option.

Only you can decide whether the costs involved to achieve the smile you have ALWAYS wanted is worth it. Think about it. If you are reading this then you have already thought about making the first step about something that will change your life for the better!

Sometimes the cost of such treatment may not be affordable for everyone straight away. We listen to our patients and to ensure they can achieve the smile they have always wanted, we offer several finance options including 0%.

WANT TO BE SEEN BY AN ACTUAL DENTIST BEFORE YOU MAKE A DECISION ? (Yes, a Dentist and not a co-ordinator!)

Unlike most clinics you will be seen here by one of our highly experienced, friendly dentists right from the start ! This not only gives YOU the opportunity to meet with who would be working with you to achieve the outcome you are looking for but is also an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the process
  • Explore the options available to you
  • Be given an idea of likely costs

At your FREE consultation we will also be able to show you examples of our work that we have undertaken and explain in detail why we only use the very best quality of implants.


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