General Dentistry

At TwentyOneDental, we provide all types of General Dentistry including Fillings (we are Amalgam Free), a Hygienist Service, Root Canal Therapy, Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, Veneers and Inlays.

Classically, Dentists have been involved with treating two main diseases of the mouth- Dental Decay (Dental Caries) and Gum Disease (Periodontitis). At our Clinic, we are mainly focused on these, but at your Dental Examination, we will check for other conditions such as Oral Cancer and Tooth Wear too.

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is becoming more common with more than 6,000 people in the UK being diagnosed each year. Historically, it affected men over 40 who were smokers, drank alcohol or both. The statistics now show women and people under the age of 40 are being affected more commonly.

There is now research showing that up to 60% of Oral Cancer cases may be caused by the same virus that is linked to Cervical Cancer- Human Papilloma Virus (HPV-16). There is even evidence that younger people with good oral health and no history of smoking or drinking are being affected.

General DentistryIn the UK, Oral Cancer kills more people than Cervical and Testicular Cancer combined.

Regular Dental Examinations can allow us to pick up early signs of this fatal disease and get you the treatment that you need.

If you are concerned about anything unusual in your mouth eg non-healing ulcers and red or white patches, please inform your dentist immediately- it might just save your life.

Mouth cancer kills thousands of people every year but if caught early survival rates can be as high as 90%.

Our Clinical Director, Dr Adyl Asani and his highly experienced team are known for their genuine commitment to patient care. This is why DENPLAN chose Dr Ady
Asani to be filmed onsite to explain the importance of seeing your dentist. It really can save your life!

Take a look at the video HERE

Dr Adyl Asani is known for his television appearances over the years, including the well known Sensodyne commercial.

Tooth Wear

We are seeing more and more cases of tooth wear, which can be related to acidic drinks or food (Erosion), extreme toothbrushing (Abrasion) or teeth grinding (Attrition).

Too many acidic drinks, such as colas; fruit juices; sports drinks; caffeine drinks and alcopops, cause most of the cases that we see. We suggest that Still Water and Milk are the safest drinks for teeth.

Medical conditions that cause stomach acid to enter the mouth, can also cause tooth wear. Examples are Bullimia and Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD). We may be able to see evidence of these, even if you have not been diagnosed by your GP.

Occlusal Disease (OD)

Occlusal Disease is a chronic disease, where there is something wrong with the normal functioning of the jaws and muscles, producing a condition known as Parafunction. This generally shows up in the mouth as tooth wear, often caused by grinding or clenching the teeth during sleep (Bruxism).

This can result in sensitive, loose or cracked teeth that can be painful or uncomfortable.

We routinely look for signs of this condition and can treat the symptoms with mouthguards that are worn at night; fillings and/or biting surface adjustments (to make your teeth bite together better). Unfortunately, like other chronic diseases, there is no cure but we can manage the symptoms. This is important, as OD can often be more destructive than Decay and Gum Disease.

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