At TwentyOneDental we take preventive dental care extremely seriously. This is why we have highly trained clinical team members who focus on preventive dental care and have undertaken extensive training to gain the levels of skill needed in their particular disciplines.

The signs and symptoms of many common diseases and ailments show up in the mouth well in advance of elsewhere in the body. Consequently, dentists and hygienists are trained to recognise these symptoms, so that early action can be taken to treat the condition.

Gum disease, or periodontal disease to give it its medical name, has recently been clinically associated with major conditions like heart disease, respiratory infection and the delivery of premature babies. Studies suggest that bacteria associated with periodontitis can enter the blood stream and spread to cause issues elsewhere in the body, for example causing problems with the heart and raising blood pressure.

A good personal oral health regime incorporating brushing and flossing at home is essential in helping to prevent some of these problems, however, alone it is insufficient. Regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are also essential to ensure that any oral condition can be caught early and acted upon. Some forms of gum disease start below the gum line and are not visible to the untrained eye – consequently regular checks by a trained and experienced hygienist are essential to ensure that problems do not go unchecked. In addition, gum disease is usually painless so can be occurring without realising it.


Think you’re too busy to treat your teeth to a professional deep clean ? Think again !

Even if your life is hectic and you’re short on time, you can still take care of your teeth by taking advantage of our handy walk-in-hygiene service.

This convenient service means you can see our experienced hygienist the very first time you visit us and receive some refreshing hygiene treatments including:

Air Flow Only – helps bring back your natural smile. Ideal for a freshen up; special occasion or wedding ! Combine it with your hygiene appointment for a reduced rate
Platinum Clean & Polish  – a deep cleansing and thorough hygiene appointment that not only rejuvenates your teeth but provides that sparkling refreshing feel too
Smokers/Red Wine/Stain Removal – using the latest technology gives you an instantly brighter smile. Depending on your diet, smoking, cleaning habits and generally, opting for this specific stubborn stain removal treatment can often keep you stain free for up to 12 months

Teeth become naturally lighter, instantly, without the need for bleaching and we’ll show you the good looking results on our shade guide.

Fancy a refreshing treat for your teeth or just need a thorough clean ?

Call us today on 01273 202102. Our helpful Concierge Team will be very happy to assist in booking an appointment for you. Alternatively, if you do not have the time to call, then you can choose your own appointment via our ONLINE booking system by clicking HERE


Previously, a dentist had to see a patient prior to prescribing hygiene treatment. This meant that you would have been examined to see whether you had oral problems that warranted further treatment or investigation.

You need to understand the scope of what a dental hygienist does and cannot do. A hygienist can see you to provide oral hygiene advice, remove stain, tartar, bacterial deposits and other debris. In relation to gums, the hygienist can advise you on the progression of gum disease, but more advanced conditions need to be assessed by a dentist and the hygienist then continues treatment under the prescription of the dentist.

Dental hygienists cannot diagnose or give the prognosis (the likely outcome) of diseases such as decaying or broken teeth or prescribe antibiotics, painkillers or any other drugs to alleviate symptoms. Visits to hygienists is not a substitute for full dental examinations.

If the hygienist advises you see a dentist, it is because they feel that it is in the interests of your health, it is outside the scope of what they are allowed to do or they are uncertain about treating you without further advice.

There are very rare circumstances when a hygienist cannot start treatment and before they are prepared to continue, insist that a dentist assesses you. These may relate to your medical history and general health or the condition of your mouth, which gives them concern.

The hygienist is not responsible for the overall health of a patient’s mouth and that regular visits to the dentist is still required.

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