‘I am terrified of the dentist to the point of not attending for over 25 years. After researching dentists I found this one and after my first visit I can truly say that it was the best decision I ever made. From the first phone call to my first visit I was met with real compassion and understanding about my issues and I left my first dental appointment very calm with a clear way forward. I cannot thank the team enough it was a huge deal to me even making a call let alone attending and walking into the surgery but the team and the environment that they create are totally first class. thank you all you really have changed my life. My daughters and my granddaughter are over the moon that I have found someone I trust to give me my smile back and can’t wait until we are all together again so I can share it. Thank you all so very very much’

May 2019 – Ms W. Brighton, East Sussex

‘I recently joined this dentist surgery and have been really pleased with it. The facilities are very clean and nicely done – it’s more like going to a boutique hotel than a dentist! The care I received from Dr Ignacio Farga Ninoles and his dental nurse Ola Cieslak was excellent. I hadn’t been to the dentist for a few years and needed some fillings and Dr Ignacio Farga Ninoles talked me clearly through his finding and my options. They were both very reassuring when doing the treatment – checking I was ok and explaining everything as they went. I would definitely recommend this dentist!’

April 2019 – Ms W. Hove, East Sussex

‘Thank you so much DR IGNACIO FARGA NINOLES and OLA CIESLAK!!!! I cannot believe what an amazing team they are. I have had some dreadful experiences with dentists from childhood onwards (eg tooth pulled out, without anaesthaesia, by a dentist who assured my Mum that ‘children under 7 don’t feel pain’ ) The last one, in Kemp Town, had messed up a crown which fell out twice and I was so fed up with the pain, aching jaws, headaches etc after each visit that I just left it, neglected it and, inevitably, ended up with a raging toothache, swollen gum and suspected abcess. My partner pushed me into going to 21 Dentist as he had discovered them last year – even offered to pay to persuade me. And……..what a revelation. The clinic is impressive – beautifully decorated and the reception team treat you like an honoured guest from the moment you walk through the door. BUT – none of that matters if the dentist is no good and I am delighted to say that Ignacio is the best dentist I have ever been to. He is kind, patient, explains absolutely everything clearly – even down to each step he is taking during your treatment. Nacho was very gentle – he made sure I was relaxed and fully pain-free and managed to make TWO root canal treatments actually enjoyable – unbelievable. When I saw the before and after Xrays, I was astonished – he is truly a very talented and skilled Dentist. Ola was his wonderful assistant – she made me feel very relaxed and cared for – played Marvin Gaye as my music choice, mopped my dribbling mouth, changed the TV channel so I could follow the Brexit debacle on live news and was very warm and kind. I’m actually going back voluntarily ……….amazing!’

March 2019 – Ms E. Hove East Sussex

‘Excellent service from start to end. Made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Very good explanation of all the details. Parking is easy to find by the surgery. Highly recommended.’

March – 2019 Mr B. Hove East Sussex

‘Dr Ignacio Ninoles and his assistant Mia were both excellent. I needed a couple of fillings and they were both very welcoming and friendly. They were constantly making sure that i was comfortable and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them if you need any work done or even just a check up.’

March 2019 – Mr A. Hove, East Sussex

‘I had a great new patient appointment here recently. Everything is state of the art. They took xrays but they also took scans of my teeth and made a 3D model on screen that they showed me in comparison to the xrays. They clearly explain everything in a caring manner’

February 2019 – Mrs E. Brighton, East Sussex

‘Great treatment as always and good advice’

November 2018 – Ms Y. Hove, East Sussex

‘The staff and dentist were fantastic accommodating me and my baby.’

April 2018 – Mrs C, Hove, East Sussex

‘A very Pleasant experience! I was a little worried that I might be reprimanded for not attending a dentist for a while but I was treated with the utmost courtesy! This put me at ease considerably and I do hope I am able to continue with treatment at the surgery. Thank you’

October 2018 – Mrs D. Portslade, East Sussex

‘The consultation was excellent. I have every confidence in Jose as my dentist.’

October 2018 – Mrs D. Steyning, West Sussex

‘Fabulous – pain free – to class treatment. So pleased I found you.’

October 2018 – Mr P. Hove, East Sussex

“The treatment I had at TwentyOneDental was HALF THE PRICE I used to pay at my previous dentist and that was NHS and this clinic is private ! Im so glad I moved to this dental practice” They really do look after you and their fees are cheaper than you would think ! Stunning place too. Just like a classy boutique hotel.”

Sept 2018 – S Meah Sussex

“I really like this dentist”

August 2018 – Ms B. Hove, East Sussex

“Great service, was particularly good at making me feel at ease and made conversation which I said helped so thank you!”

August 2018 – Miss F. Storington, West Sussex

“Dear Team, Thank you for making my daughter’s teeth white again! I was really pleased with the results!! She is also delighted. She has recently lost 1 1/2 stone in weight and that and her now white teeth will help her gain confidence even more. Also thank you for letting her come in for a one off treatment Best Wishes.”

August 2018 – Mrs G. Brighton, East Sussex

“Very caring and helpful to me as a blind 93 year old. Thank you for your understanding. I will certainly recommend you.”

June 2018 – Mrs R. Brighton, East Sussex

“Have always been treated efficiently and in a friendly and understanding manner”

April 2018 – Mrs E. Hove, East Sussex

“Very impressed with Dr Jose incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. Very pleased I picked this practice!”

April 2018 – Mr J, Angmering, Littlehampton

“I have always had a fear of going to the dentist since I was a small child. I was reassured by my experience and the care I received from my dentist and all the staff.”

April 2018 – Mrs T, Seaford, East Sussex

“ The staff and dentist were fantastic accommodating me and my baby.”

April 2018 – Mrs M Cook, Hove, East Sussex

“I had a bad experience years ago and haven’t enjoyed the dentist since. This was the opposite, it was a relaxed, friendly and informative experience. The dentist was fantastic. Overall I am very impressed. I will be singing my son up to the children’s dental plan.”

February 2018 – Mr T, Hove, East Sussex

“José is by far THE B-E-S-T dentist I’ve ever been to, after years of being completely petrified of needles I now finally have some comfort and have had the most positive experience ever that I’ve waited so many years for. So grateful, massive thank you José!! You are fabulous”

January 2018 – Miss M, Portslade, East Sussex

“It was my most pleasant visit to a dentist!”

January 2018 – Mrs LJ, Hove, East Sussex

“I first heard about this practice whilst out in New York via a recommendation from a close friend of mine who has a place nearby the practice and what a beautiful part of the world being by the seaside it is located and Wow – those amazing dental awards have done this dental practice proud and very well deserved too. Simply superb ! Something so very very rare to see a dental practice take so much pride in absolutely EVERYTHING they do, yes EVERYTHING ! Thats why travelling from London to this superb place is not an issue for me at all when it comes to looking after my teeth. I also love coming here for the high end sophisticated technology and high end treatment though not forgetting the absolutely stunning quality which is more like a high end boutique SPA than a dentist – it really is ! My PA had initially dealt with my first booking and reserved a parking space which I was informed patients could do. Just before arriving my driver telephoned concierge and within moments the electronic gate to this stunning property opened up, we drove into total seclusion and I was greeted with the warmest of smiles by a member of their front desk, all smartly dressed in a beautiful uniform. Something I was only used to when arriving at airports or hotels.

What I also loved about the team at this practice was that they treated me like no other patient. It was wonderful to see and how utterly respectful each and everyone was to literally everyone who came through the door. I watched and listened in complete admiration as this was something I was not that used too but loved it. Fussing over me is something I always dread when arriving somewhere although never mentioned it to anyone at the practice but as my dearest close friend who recommended me assured me of – and yes they were so right – I was treated no differently to any other patient and that truly made my day.

Twentyonedental is by far the most exquisite practice with a really genuinely warm and friendly team. Having visited practices in Harley Street, London whilst being pleasant are far from the true warmth and genuine approach taken here at twentyonedental. I felt like I was with friends/family. Quite simply an excellent practice beyond anyone’s expectations. The team is so very friendly and professional. Being under Dr Asani’s care, my teeth are healthier and I have great confidence in smiling. He is a true professional and a real gentleman with complete integrity in what he does. I would like to thank absolutely everyone at the practice in making my time so very pleasant, warm and so caring too not forgetting the great banter we had. This is certainly not your typical “I am scared to go to dentist” experience. Quite the opposite infact. Highly recommended and a practice I will be staying with without question. Dr Asani you are an absolute star including your truly amazing team and shall look forward to seeing you all when I’m back from LA ! In concluding, I must say the I very rarely provide testimonials unless they are exceptional in my eyes. Keep up the exquisite work Twentyonedental. You’re all genuine “stars” rather than those with whom I must mingle with when overseas and generally!”

January 2018 – Patient, Hampstead, London

“From the minute the doorbell is answered you feel like you are being taken care of. Everything is clean and modern. They even have TV’s on the ceilings to take your mind off what your doing. I have recommended friends there who have been afraid of dentists and after they have seen Dr Adyl Asani they never look back. A great place with fab people.”

January 2018 – S B, Hove, East Sussex

“Outstanding facilities, knowledge and care from the team at Twenty One Dental! Can’t fault them on anything! Friendly service, great advice and a non barbaric dentistry approach that has given me a result that has exceeded that of many other dentists. Great work all round!! Highly recommend!”

January 2018 – Mr T S, East Sussex

“Great service, friendly staff – especially good for nervous patients. Would definitely recommend.”

January 2018 – G S, Sussex

“I arrived in Brighton two years ago and have tried two local dentists before yours. I wish that I had come straight to you as your service is head and shoulders above others.”

January 2018 – Mrs DJ, Hove, East Sussex

“Can’t praise the service at Twenty One Dental enough. Going to the dentist is never fun but from the moment you arrive every step is personalised, professional and comfortable. Sure it may cost a bit more but the extra quality is worth it and why compromise on healthy teeth. I won’t ever go anywhere else.”

December 2017 – Mr S L, Sussex

“Adyl and his team provide a first class service. The practice is modern, friendly and very welcoming. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

December 2017 – J R A, Sussex

“Had my first two fillings (ever) today and was made to feel really comfortable. Great friendly service and worth the money! Thank you.”

December 2017 – I O, Brighton, East Sussex

“Attentive, polite, professional and thorough. The best dentist we’ve ever had.”

December 2017 – P A, Brighton

“Amazing experience – it was 3rd of 3 root canal treatments. Virtually pain free, Nikoletta and nurse friendly and super professional and skilled. TV in ceiling makes time fly by. I’d almost describe it as a pleasant experience!”

December 2017 – MS CT – Hove, East Sussex

“The best dental practice I have been too. The dentist I go to, Mr Asani, is wonderful and so is the hygienist. The staff are friendly and helpful and always make me a coffee when I go in. There is also a rest room if you feel you need a little time to recover after treatment and again you can have another coffee. Thankyou, Twenty One Dental.”

November 2017 – A W, Sussex

“Being rather nervous of going to the dentist, it was lovely to be put at my ease straightaway. Adyl and his team are friendly, calm and professional. Great treatment too, my mouth was in a bit of a state, but is now healthy due to their care. Wonderful team, highly recommended, worth every penny.”

November 2017 – Mrs W, Brighton, East Sussex

“Very clean, professional and inviting practice. Cannot fault the team, they’re professional and attentive from the moment you walk through the door. I had 2 crowns done (over 4 hours in the chair over 2 session) and was always kept in the loop, felt almost no pain and watched Netflix the entire time.
I would highly recommend.”

November 2017 – R B, Sussex

“An unbelievably modern and sophisticated practice and I am terrified of the dentist but was so impressed by the new methods that I had never seen before and the gentle approach of the dentist – totally revolutionised my impression and previous experiences of dental treatment and I am over 50 ! I had several fillings and an implant that needed rescrewing etc and this was the most painless and incredibly postive dental experience I have ever had and I have lived in three countries including Germany whose dental practices are very sophisticated but the approach is so clinical and inhuman. Twenty One Dental deserves another award for its marvellous dentists and nurses who take all your concerns and nerves into account – would highly recommend this practice.”

November 2017 – D C, Sussex

“I was very impressed at quality of service and attitude of the staff.”

November 2017 – Mr D, Hove, East Sussex

“Really knowledgeable and friendly people. They aim to offer the best care but without overselling you.”

October 2017 – S M, Sussex

“I attended my first session as a new patient with you today, and wanted to say a big thank you to Dr Neil Evans and Katy. I am a very nervous patient but they were very understanding and made me feel completely at ease. I have always hated going to the dentist but now look forward to my next appointment! I will certainly be recommending Twenty One Dental to my friends and family.”

October 2017 – Miss G, Hove, East Sussex

“Dr Adyl and his team are fantastic, all the staff are so welcoming and friendly. The service they give is second to none and the time which is taken to explain everything that is being/needed to be done made it all the less daunting. When you have such good customer service like this it makes you realise just how important it is.”

August 2017 – Ms K, Hove, East Sussex

“TwentyOneDental is so reassuring. My daughter was nervous but was treated with real tact by all.”

July 2017 – Ms B, Hove, East Sussex

“Really happy with the outcome of my treatment to date. Excellent results, thank you!”

June 2017- Mrs M, Hove, East Sussex

“The nicest dental team and practice I have ever come across.”

June 2017- Mrs M, Hove, East Sussex

“I was really scared today. Thank you to Dr Evans and his assistant for being so kind and understanding.”

June 2017- Miss D, Hove, East Sussex

“One of my front teeth crumbled and I was so upset. TwentyOneDental fixed my tooth the same day and made me smile again! I can’t thank you enough. It was a lovely experience at your surgery. I felt relaxed and looked after!”

May 2017- Ms D, Brighton, East Sussex

“First visit for myself and my two children. I completely understand now why my wife raves about your practice and customer service. Almost looking forward to going back!”

April 2017- Mr S, Hove, East Sussex

“Went to Twenty One Dental this morning for my hygienist appointment and I am free from any fears of the dentist/hygienist. Eamon did an amazing job keeping me calm. No fear here anymore thank you TwentyOneDental you are the best. Thank you to Adyl Asani for his patience with me too.”

April 2017- Mrs H, Hove, East Sussex

“I can’t rate Cristina highly enough. She’s absolutely brilliant both clinically and personally, and has turned me from a nervy patient into an enthusiastic one! TwentyOneDental is unlike any Dentist I’ve ever been to, in fact in all the right ways it feels nothing like a Dentist. It’s a truly uplifting experience, where you feel genuinely valued and cared for. We own a health centre, and know that delivering a beautiful calming environment, friendly and efficient reception team and an outstanding clinical experience is a rare thing that takes a lot of work. However, that is my experience of TwentyOneDental, well done and thank you!”

February 2017- Mrs F, Worthing, West Sussex

“I’m always very impressed with the service of all staff. Thank you.”

February 2017 – Ms R, Hove, East Sussex

“I felt reassured, confident and motivated after my hygienist appointment with Eamon. I am so relieved to finally find a hygienist who I trust and will look forward to seeing again. Thank you so very much.”

February 2017 – Ms M, Hove, East Sussex

” Excellent dentist the best I’ve ever been to. All the staff where lovely and very welcoming and the standard of the dentist is clearly very high and thinks of every detail for. Customers and the service provided.”

January 2017 – Dr H, Worthing, West Sussex

” I was very impressed by the whole experience and the premises. Everyone was professional and friendly. I really felt I was in safe hands.”

January 2017 – Mrs F, Southwick, East Sussex

” Having not visited any Dentist for the past 5 years I was a little trepidatious; but I needn’t have worried. Dr Evans and the team were meticulous in their assessment and explained the options and associated pricing clearly. Despite the work required, I’m actually looking forward to my next visit!”

January 2017 – Mr W, Hove, East Sussex

” It is always great to come down. Environment is lovely and welcoming, staff are amazing and I think I may have finally been converted after hiding from my previous dentist for years. Thank you for always providing such a great service.”

December 2016 – Mr Smith, Hassocks, East Sussex

” Well done for all the hard work in setting up such a brilliant place, couldn’t rate it higher! Outstanding all round, all businesses should learn from you!”

November 2016 – Miss K, Hove, East Sussex

” I was made to feel extremely welcome by each member of staff. Previously I have had experiences of dentist making me a little nervous before my visit this instantly went away when greeted by the Dentist and his assistant. They took the time to understand my issues and concerns and made feel extremely valued. Overall experience has been fantastic, great team with exceptional customer care.”

November 2016 – Miss K, Hove, East Sussex

” Very nice service. I was very worried about the visit too, but the whole team made me feel at ease, so thank you. Will recommend to friends and family. ”

November 2016 – Mr M, Steyning, West Sussex

” Thank you. I had a new, pleasant and excellent Dental experience that I have never experienced elsewhere before. ”

November 2016- Mr S, Brighton, East Sussex

” I expected a telling off about my teeth as I’d had a dreadful summer with a bereavement etc. But the hygienist was very kind and just gently reinforced. I was impressed!!! ”

November 2016 – Mrs J, Hove, East Sussex

” You are the best Dentist I have ever been to… true. Also kind and friendly. I feel very confident about the care given. ”

November 2016 – Mrs C, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

” My teeth have never been better, lovely treatment and service. ”

October 2016 – Mrs M, Brighton, East Sussex

” I had some quite intensive dental work done, and as ever, it was a pleasure. I have never said that about my previous dental experience before coming here! ”

October 2016 – Mrs R, Hove, East Sussex

” I am so happy with the treatment I had today. There was quite a bit of work, yet nothing was a problem. Adyl, you’re the best! ”

October 2016 – Mrs J, Hove, East Sussex

” As clients of Twenty One Dental, my wife and I have been absolutely delighted with the service, standard and care provided. Twenty One Dental is by far the best Dental surgery we have ever been clients of. The staff are never anything less than professional and above all else, friendly and reassuring. The surgery itself is impeccable in its design and cleanliness and makes for a relaxing environment more akin to a boutique hotel than a dental surgery.

I would highly recommend Dr Asani and his team at Twenty One Dental to anyone looking for a professional, friendly and stress free experience of dental healthcare. ”

October 2016 – Mr A, Hove, East Sussex

” Very well looked after, comfortable surroundings and helpful staff. Looking forward to my next visit, not many people say that about a trip to the dentist. ”

September 2016 – Mr C, Brighton, East Sussex

” Highest praise I can give is I used to hate going to the dentist but since joining TwentyOneDental I actually look forward to it! ”

September 2016 – Mr R, Hove, East Sussex

” Pain free and a relaxed experience. ”

September 2016 – Mr B, Hove, East Sussex

” Always a really pleasant experience, which is saying something about going to the dentist! I always feel the staff genuinely care and want to make it a good experience, asking questions, explaining what’s going on and generally making me feel comfortable. ”

September 2016 – Ms L, Hove, East Sussex

” As always an outstanding service. Amazing, I love coming to the dentist. ”

September 2016 – Mr D, Hove, East Sussex

” The treatment I have received at TwentyOneDental has been by far the best that I have every experienced anywhere. I am very nervous and they are so good at putting me at ease and making sure I am happy throughout. I am so impressed and have recommended them to all my friends. ”

September 2016 – Mrs A, Steyning, West Sussex

” Absolutely amazing service, Cristina fitted me in within a week as I was made of honor at a wedding, so I felt so great on the day after the pain free treatment. Hats off . Have no fear of the dentist now and am looking forward to the next stage of treatment. ”

September 2016 – Ms D, Brighton, East Sussex

” Thank you so much for all of your professional care and attention, and for making me smile again! ”

September 2016 – Mr A, Margate, Kent

” The best dentist I have ever been to. The staff are so kind and caring, Mr Asani is a marvellous dentist, and yesterday after a visit to TwentyOneDental my toothache was taken away after 3 months of pain. I highly recommend the practice. ”

August 2016 – Mrs W, Brighton, East Sussex

” Harley Street/world class service delivered to Hove. Dr Adyl Asani & his team are absolutely outstanding. The environment is excellent, the service is faultless. ”

August 2016 – Mr B, London, Surrey

” I was so scared of the dentist until I met the lovely Adyl. He was so patient with me and now I have been to the hygenist too and no fear anymore … Thank you TwentyOneDental.. See you soon. ”
August 2016 – Mrs H, Hove, East Sussex

” It was my first visit yesterday, I saw a hygienist – Eamon Dehdashti. I have never left a dental surgery feeling so happy in all my life. He did an exceptional job on my teeth (they were horrific before) 20 mins in his chair and I left with a new set of beautiful teeth. Not only did he do a fabulous job he is a very nice hygienist also. Very welcoming and friendly, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, kept making sure I was ok throughout the treatment.
5* dentist. will never use anyone else ”
July 2016 – Mr B, Hove, East Sussex

” A totally different experience at this dental clinic. Not only do you receive excellent dentistry, you are so very well looked after ! The cost of treatment is hardly much different to the “standard” practices I’ve been too yet you get so much more. If anyone is wanting the utmost care and attention from the time you are personally greeted by their friendly and welcoming concierge team to the time you leave, then this is definitely the place to come. Definitely the best dental clinic and team around !! Dr Asani, I’m so glad I found your clinic. Thank you. ”
May 2016 – MR M, Hove, East Sussex

” I would like to thank all the staff involved in my treatment for their kindness understanding and great work I am very happy with all my treatment and my new teeth thank you all for your excellent professional work ”
April 2016 – Ms B, Hove, East Sussex

” Adyl is a fabulous, dedicated, caring and professional dentist. Twenty One Dental is a beautiful, swanky, luxurious practice that is a pleasure to visit. I will definitely be going there regularly – wonderful team x x ”
February 2016 – Ms H, Hove, East Sussex

” I have always been incredibly nervous about attending a dentist. But today I attended this clinic and I would recommend this tranquil setting, particularly for people who, like myself are nervous! The boys treated with great dignity and great humour, when I had to them to make a new denture! They have a sense of humour but also a high degree of professionalism!
I would highly recommend this clinic! ”
February 2016 – Ms E, Brighton, East Sussex

“My experience with TwentyOneDental has been nothing other than superb. The service and care provided is exceptional. A great state of the art clinic.”
November 2015 – Ms C B – Hove, East Sussex

“I am so happy to have found Adyl Asani again I truly believe he is one of the best dentists you could ever hope for and I would highly recommend him. I honestly trust him 100%. I had my first appointment today with the Hygienist Maria who is also so so lovely and so very thorough and encouraging. I do struggle keeping up with dental hygiene etc but I didn’t feel discouraged at all quite the opposite!!! Tara also made me feel at ease and very comfortable and answered my many questions. FANTASTIC and THANK YOU so much.”
September 2015 – Ms J K – Hove, East Sussex

“Several years ago, my wife and I went to the same dental practice, and although we started with the same one, we ended up with different dentists. My wife carried on with hers, and I transferred to Adyl Asani to continue receiving National Health treatment. I stayed with Adyl even though he went private and we were happy there until both dentists left the practice.
After a while, I realised that Adyl had set up on his own, and I asked if I could join his new Twenty One Dental practice. The whole set up was very impressive and modern. The web site is user friendly and intuitive. You can see photographs of the staff, and can book appointments on line.

At the practice, which is quite luxurious, there are iPads, digital TVs and pleasant hospitality. The staff are friendly and helpful, and everything is done to make your visit a comfortable and pleasant experience.

After her dentist retired, my wife was not happy with the dentistry she was receiving. I suggested she signed up with Adyl, which she did, and she is very pleased, “Adyl is a very kind and caring dentist”

Adyl also successfully carried out some emergency reparatory work on our daughter’s front teeth, and subsequently fitted veneers. Both treatments have made a big difference to her.

Overall we are very pleased with the treatment we receive from Adyl and his team.”
August 2015 – Mr & Mrs D – Hove, East Sussex

“Twenty One Dental is clearly the vision of a man with a dream.

In an age when so many of his peers build practices ultimately sold to chains – with a patient experience to match; Mr Asani has created the opposite, a personal practice with the latest capabilities aimed at patients who expect more. A profoundly caring man for whom nothing seems too much trouble, it is almost shocking to walk inside and see the quality of dental care now available in this twenty first century clinic.

Chance led me through the door with a broken tooth just two weeks after my dentist of thirty four years retired ! In urgent need of care I sought out Twenty One Dental and am delighted to say I’ve found my replacement – the service I’ve received from Day 1 has never been less than exemplary.”
August 2015 – Mr B – Hove, East Sussex

“I had been with the same dentist since the mid-80’s, but he retired. I needed to find someone within easy reach and tried 21 dental. I was most impressed, and appreciated the up-to-date surgery. Furthermore, they employ the best hygienist I have ever encountered! I am content to endorse the practice.”
August 2015 – Mr F – Hove, East Sussex

‘My experience at TwentyOneDental has washed away my fear of going to the dentist forever! The first class service, care and treatment has given me the encouragement I desperately needed on order to reinvest in my dental care. Dr Asani and his team work together in such a respectful manner that as a client you are made to feel at ease and comfortable the moment you walk into the practice. The environment is to an impeccable standard with the state-of-art technology and equipment. I particularly felt a growing sense of trust as Dr Asani took the time to explain and patiently walk me through any anxiety I felt throughout the treatment. The courtesy phone call post-treatment to check if I was ok demonstrates the team’s commitment to caring for their clients on and off the dental chair. I have no hesitation in recommending TwentyOneDental to anyone looking to improve their dental care with a team of dedicated and caring medical professionals’
August 2015 – Mr F – Hove, East Sussex

‘Dr Adyl Asani is an outstanding dentist and his staff are extremely professional and kind. He always took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. I had my teeth whitened and they look so natural. The clinic is beautifully designed with fine attention to detail. I feel that the clinic is unique and has a very relaxed feel to it.’
August 2015 – Mrs L – Hove, East Sussex

‘The attention to detail at TwentyOneDental is second to none, from the impeccable gardens to the modern fresh décor and facilities, an environment has been created to make the patient feel relaxed and special.
The superbly equipped clinic and immaculate treatment rooms are a perfect haven for dental treatment. Dr Adyl Asani has cared for us for a number of years and is not only a superbly competent dentist but also the perfect gentleman. The creation of TwentyOneDental Practice is the culmination of years of hard work and reflects the commitment to deliver extremely high professional and personal standards. We are very happy to put our care in the hands of Dr Asani and his team.’
August 2015 – Mr & Mrs R – Hove, East Sussex

‘I have been a patient of Mr Asani for many years in his previous practice, and was delighted to hear that he had established his own practice in Hove, knowing that I would be assured of the high standard of dental care.
The new premises are very comfortable and there is ample evidence of the attention to clinical excellence in the provision of the most up to date equipment, and of the very comfortable facilities for patients in the waiting room, toilet area etc. The reminders of forthcoming appointments by email instead of by telephone are appreciated. I have found the Hygienist and Receptionist very satisfactory both in courtesy and competence and I am happy to make the relatively long journey to Hove as long as I am physically able to do so. I am very pleased to recommend Mr. Asani and his team.’
August 2015 – Mrs L – Upper Dicker, East Sussex

‘Absolutely brilliant from the greeting from Tara the concierge, treatment from Adyl & his team to the relaxed overall professionalism of Twenty one dental. First class!’
August 2015 – Mr C – Hove, East Sussex

‘Going to the dentist has never been one of my favourite things to do, but am happy to say that that is no longer the case having received fantastic care and attention from Dr Asani and his team. From the moment you walk through the front door you enter a calm world and receive a warm welcome from the concierge. My treatment was carried out with empathy, consideration and patience!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice.’
August 2015 – Mrs N – Hove, East Sussex

‘Many years ago I broke an incisor and needed it to be “glued” back in place to its “other half”. Adyl did an excellent job and that fix lasted 10 years. When it eventually came loose I went to my local dentist for the fix but that only lasted 6 months and then having found Adyl again asked him to repair it. He did a much more robust job which not only feels stronger but also repaired some of the cosmetic issues (a visible line across the tooth and chips not fixed by my local dentist). I would therefore recommend Adyl to anyone wanting dentist treatment.’
August 2015 – Mr T – Hove, East Sussex

‘At Twenty One Dental the service is five star and patients are treated like VIPs. From the moment one presses the Concierge button on the front door the pampering starts… a courteous welcome precedes guidance to the waiting room where soothing music quietly plays as you choose what complimentary drink you would like from a menu. iPads and top magazines accompany the seating spaces for entertainment as a large monitor shows mild graphics relating to dental health and procedures. If a ‘freshen up’ is desired, the WC has a comprehensive range of sundries which include toothbrushes and toothpaste, once again complimentary. A short while later after being gently ushered to the treatment room one is greeted with a wonderful smile and gentle handshake from Dr Adyl. Treatment is carried out with patient comfort clearly paramount as a monitor on the ceiling catches one’s attention with a personalised choice of viewing and listening. When treatment is finished a recovery room is available for a quiet rest if necessary. The whole practise is immaculate and clean and really is somewhere that I look forward to visiting… What could be better for dental health than that!’
August 2015 – Mr S – Hove, East Sussex

‘I received very good treatment when I had my tooth extracted. The surgery is very well designed and it is a pleasure to enter, how good to be greeted by name at the door, and I liked the layout as the reception desk is in a separate area to the waiting room thus ensuring privacy. I look forward to many years ahead attending the surgery for future treatments.’
July 2015 – Mr K – Hove, East Sussex

‘I really love TwentyOneDental. The whole experience is way above anything I have ever received from other private dentists. The surroundings definitely have the wow factor. Tara the concierge is really friendly and professional. Adyl always provides you with a thorough consultation, where he spends the time talking you through any issues you may have whilst using the latest technology so you can see yourself what’s actually happening inside your mouth on screen via a live cam and through X-rays. He is happy to answers any questions and always puts your mind at rest with any or worries or concerns you may have. Although my last dentist was private I never received such thorough consultations and although I was always happy with their work, the experience at TwentyOneDental surpasses them, not just because of their professionalism but also because they are able to use state of the art technology which allows patients to have the very best treatment. When I visited yesterday I was so comfortable in the chair with relaxing music being played around me I almost forgot I was having a filling! Private dentistry can work out to be expensive but when you receive such excellent service and treatment it’s definitely worth it.’
July 2015 – Mrs B – Hove, Eats Sussex

‘Adyl and his team at TwentyOneDental achieve the uppermost level of professionalism whilst maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. My treatment has been outstanding and completely stress free. My results are much better than I expected and they’ve completely changed my view on what a trip to the dentist should be like! I would not hesitate to recommend TwentyOneDental to my friends and family.’
July 2015 – Mr B – Rushington, West Sussex

‘Mr Asani has been my dentist for a long time and what a wonderful dentist he is, He is a very gentle and caring dentist and the new clinic is so well thought of and the atmosphere is calm and grand, All the staff are so polite and the hygienist is so kind , Also Mr Asani’s assistant Theresa the dental nurse is so thorough, I will gladly recommend anybody to visit the new clinic they will not be disappointed.’
July 2015 – Mrs P – Hove, East Sussex

‘From the moment you step through the door at TwentyOneDental you feel a sense of calm and tranquillity. Peace of mind is further given by Dr Asani’s professional and caring team who fully explain every aspect of your dental treatment. I know I am in safe hands.’
July 2015 – Mrs M – Hove, East Sussex

‘I went to TwentyOneDental in the first instance because of a lack of confidence in my previous dentist. Previous experience had also made me rather nervous and I wanted a dentist that made me feel both relaxed, and confident of the outcome. Right from the beginning, Tara listened to what I wanted – a thorough examination and a treatment plan I felt happy about. She arranged an appointment with Adyl a couple of days later. What a pleasant experience. The surgery is beautifully presented, with complimentary drinks on offer while you wait in a comfortable waiting room. I was welcomed by Adyl, who immediately put me at my ease. He was friendly, extremely professional and caring throughout. He gave my teeth and gums the best assessment I’ve ever had, very detailed and supported by X-Rays and photographs. Adyl talked me through his findings with reference to the photos so that I was not only absolutely clear about the issues he found, but also totally confident in his proposed treatment plan. I’m now well on my way to a much healthier mouth, and every appointment has been a real pleasure. The treatment is working out well, is cost effective, and instead of putting off my visits to the dentist, I actually enjoy them. Adyl and his team have, in my opinion, created a unique experience that is supremely professional and offers an excellent level of care that begins the moment you walk through the door. The environment is really stylish and comfortable. But best of all, everyone there is really lovely and offers a genuine level of care from start to finish. I’d recommend TwentyOneDental without hesitation to family and friends.’
July 2015 – Mr W – Hove – East Sussex

‘My partner and I became clients of Dr. Adyl soon after moving to Hove. We walked past Twenty One Dental on our way home and thought it looked very smart from the outside and decided to book a consultation. My partner’s appointment was earlier and he couldn’t contain his excitement when he went in. I kept getting pictures of the clinic on my phone and messages about it being “the best dentist ever”! I’ve never seen someone so excited about the dentist before and, weirdly enough, I couldn’t wait for my dentist appointment! Everything was really clean, modern and beautifully decorated. I was given an iPad to put my details in and offered a choice of drinks from their menu. The toilet had mini Oral B toothpastes and disposable toothbrushes, which was very useful since I was coming from work. I was very impressed, it felt like I was checking into a 5 star hotel! However, it was not until I went in for my appointment with Dr. Adyl that I realised this was a lot more than just a smart clinic. Dr Adyl makes you feel completely at ease. His calm voice explains every step of the consultation in a clear way and is accompanied by the best technology I’ve ever seen in a dentist. Everything around you makes you feel comfortable… they have thought of everything from the flat screen on the ceiling providing entertainment to x-rays and pictures of your teeth being taken from your seat and presented later on a screen in front of you. I very quickly understood the excitement my partner had felt earlier. I can’t recommend Dr. Adyl highly enough, he has completely changed my image of the dentist to a whole new positive experience!’
July 2015 – Ms F – Hove, East Sussex

‘Previous to being seen by Dr Roberto, I was very nervous in the dentist chair but over the last 5 years of Dr Roberto treating me, I am now able to lay back in the chair without any anxiety or pain!!! I first saw Dr Roberto in Oxford and am more than happy to travel to Brighton for my check-ups and any work I need doing to my teeth as I know that I am in very safe hands.’
July 2015 – Mrs Allen – Hove, East Sussex

‘Thank you to Adyl and all the staff at 21D for a brilliant service. Walking into your practice was like a breath of fresh air – everything was so clean and tastefully presented. I was made to feel very welcome as soon as I entered the front door and I liked the waiting room as it allowed me to access the internet on your iPads. Adyl was very attentive and explained everything clearly, which put me at ease straight away, as did all the staff. I particularly liked the fact that I could choose my own music to listen too whilst having my treatment. I could not really ask for anymore, a 5* service from start to finish. If only all dentists were like this!’
July 2015 – Mr P – Brighton, East Sussex

‘From the moment you step through the front door of 21 dental you are greeted with a warm welcome & led through to a very tranquil waiting room which is an absolute delight. It is worth arriving early just to experience the relaxing music & peaceful environment as you are never kept waiting. I have always been seen on time. A far cry from previous dental experiences! Dr Asani has a modern surgery which is light and very welcoming. He is able to show you via a microscopic camera any problem areas with your teeth and takes the time to explain to you your treatment plan for that session. Whilst having your treatment you can listen to music of your choice and he will constantly communicate with you which is very reassuring. You are made to feel totally at ease and in safe hands and most importantly enjoy a pain free dental experience. I cannot recommend 21 dental highly enough and would like to wish Dr Asani and his team every success for the future.’
July 2015 – Mr C – Hove, East Sussex

‘The service was excellent. Well-presented waiting room, polite receptionist, spacious, bright and comfortable consultation room and absolutely superb scale and polish. I would definitely recommend the clinic and have done already.’
July 2015 – Mrs O – Hove, East Sussex

‘From the moment you walk through the door at TwentyOneDental’s sophisticated and elegant practice, it’s clear that as a patient you’ll be receiving top quality care in dazzlingly clean and bright surroundings. I felt exceptionally well treated from start to finish, and with the use of state-of-the-art operating microscopes complete with digital image capture technology it was clear to me that my teeth were being very well looked after. I’d happily send my friends and family along to see Adyl and his team.’
July 2015 – Mr C – Hove, East Sussex

‘From first impressions I was delighted to see a practice that clearly puts a huge emphasis on its customers. In the past I have had the unfortunate experience of feeling that customers were in fact a bit of a pain. My experience so far has been above and beyond what I expected and would already have no concerns in recommending friends and family. Yourself and the practice do go above and beyond and I’m sure this will allow business to continue its success for many years to come.’
July 2015 – Mr G – Rottingdean, East Sussex

‘Thank you so much for all the recent care and attention you and your team gave on my recent course of dental treatment. As you know I was slightly concerned about the whole process of mercury removal but when I arrived at the clinic for the first session I found the facilities really excellent and well-appointed and your professional, friendly team most welcoming, all of which immediately put me at ease. I was particularly impressed with your dedicated work and attention over the four long appointments and felt I was in extremely safe and professional hands with both yourself and your excellent dental nurse. You made those appointments as relaxing and comfortable as possible and I am very grateful for such a successful course of treatment. I realise now just how uniquely appointed your clinic is and how high the standard of professionalism you and your team provide. As such I would find it very difficult to go anywhere else and am already recommending you to friends and colleagues without hesitation. Your clinic is very special and I wish you all the best moving forward!’
July 2015 – Ms K – Lewes, East Sussex

‘I have been a client of Dr Adyl for nearly 25 years. For a short period of time I did have to use another dentist however I was disappointed with the overall service and advice. I have and only will use Adyl as I total faith and trust in his ability. Since opening TwentyOneDental, Adyl and his team offer something completely different to other local practices. The practice is modern, vibrant, calming along with very welcoming team of staff. I would not want to go anywhere else as it’s a pleasure to be part of a fantastic dentist practice.’
July 2015 – Mr RA – Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex

‘Other dental practices have treated me as just another patient; that is not the case with Twentyonedental. They have made me feel like a valued individual, with every visit being a welcoming experience. A huge step forward from dreading a visit to the dentist! Proposed treatment plans, including potential options, have been discussed with me as an educated adult, rather than being presented as a fait- accompli. All stages of treatment are fully explained during and after, which makes me feel involved in my own well-being. I am very reassured in their hands and am sure I will continue to be so for many years to come.’
July 2015 – Mr T – Hove, East Sussex

‘As a more nervous than not patient, I never thought I would describe a visit to the dentist as anything like being pleasurable … However, in using TwentyoneDental, I have to say, it really was an experience that surpassed any and all expectation and demonstrated how far dentistry has moved on. As soon as you approach Twentyone’ you realise this isn’t just a trip to the dentist- the surgery, inside and out is quite amazing. No harsh clinical reception, but a foyer and a greeting by the team that would not be out of place in many hotel type environments. iPads in the waiting room, with a large screen TV to enjoy and the offer or pre appointment refreshments all making this a truly different experience. Importantly, the aesthetics do not overshadow the service and treatment … Indeed the window offer totally matches the deal inside. Dr Asani and his team are superb. The quality of treatment is excellent and I simply would not go anywhere else for any dentistry requirement .. I had quite extensive treatment, and whilst you pay a little extra as a private patient I really did feel I had value for money. In all, TwentyoneDental really does buck the trend – no pain and ‘all’ gain!’
July 2015 – Mr T – Hove, East Sussex

‘I was recommended to the clinic by a family member. I couldn’t be happier with the service in which I have been provided. The clinic is really warm and inviting and unlike other clinics it makes you feel relaxed and looked after (although I wasn’t always keen on visiting my usual dentist for check-ups). I have had a 6 month smile brace fitted and therefore have to attend an adjustment appointment each month. I actually look forward to the appointment which I didn’t think I would ever say. Dr Adyl is lovely and really friendly which makes me feel at ease. The clinic is beautiful and very comfortable. I am so happy with my choice of having a brace fitted by Dr Adyl. I would highly recommend the clinic to friends and anyone else who is unsure about where to go.’
July 2015 – Miss E – Hove, East Sussex

‘My husband and I decided to register with TwentyOneDental because we were looking for a cutting edge dentist that could offer fantastic service. Having been with several other Dentists in the past, I can honestly say that I totally trust Dr Adyl Asani and his skills as a first class Dentist. I love how transparent the procedures are, Dr Asani always talks you through what is needed or going to happen – which as a slightly nervous patient, certainly puts my mind at ease – with the use of the latest technology and equipment. The clinic itself is absolutely beautiful, never before has going to the Dentist felt like a luxury experience but it does here. Nothing feels like too much trouble and all the staff are exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable especially Dr Asani himself who has the rare ability to remain incredibly professional whilst having the warm nature of an old friend.’
July 2015 – Mrs B – Hove, East Sussex

‘We moved to Twenty One Dental when it opened because of our previous experience with the Clinical Director there. We can say, personally, that the level of care is much higher than our previous private dentist. From reception to treatment the whole atmosphere of the clinic is of sheer professionalism and considerable thought for visiting patients. You are left with no doubt that patients are their only priority. No hard sell, and, frankly, the best standard of care we have ever received from a dentist.’
July 2015 – Mr M – Hove, East Sussex

‘I recently attended your surgery to have a tooth extracted together with two fillings which were quite deep and difficult to work on. Since the treatment I have made a quick recovery and am very happy with the standard of dentistry. I would not hesitate to recommend TwentyoneDental and have done already to other members of my family. On top of this the surgery is very well equipped and the interior design is finished to a high standard. The staff are very friendly and welcoming and this customer service finishes off the package very nicely.’
July 2015 – Mr C – Hove, East Sussex

‘The dentistry at TwentyOneDental is second to none and being over 55 I have experienced quite a few dentists!!! Mr Asani is a perfectionist and inspires absolute confidence that every filling he does is a masterpiece. He has the most empathetic approach you could hope for which is critical for me being so anxious. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.’
July 2015 – Mrs HS – Hove, East Sussex

‘I have been with various local dentists over the years I lived in Brighton. Have been dissatisfied with them all it was a breath of fresh air registering for my first crown with 21 Dental. They are super keen on making you feel welcome with great service all the way through the system, which appears genuine rather than fake. I am very happy with choice and kind of look forward to returning for my next appointment!’
July 2015 – Mr H – Hove, East Sussex

‘I rate TwentyOneDental 5* for service and facilities. Not usually a fan of the dentist as always find they can be barbaric with your mouth. I had a filling done twice with two different dentists and have never been happy with the treatment or result of the work. I recently had a treatment done with Adyl at TwentyOneDental and my experience could not have been more different. Very happy with the way he works and with the finish even after I asked him to perform the lot without anaesthetic. Thanks Adyl and the team.’
July 2015 – Mr S – Hove, East Sussex

‘I walked into your clinic without a prior appointment and was very happy that I could be seen after a very short wait. Your reception staff were very friendly and I was also offered a cup of coffee whilst registering with you (especially welcome on that cold rainy day). I was made to feel like a valued customer. During my visit, I had a hygienic clean and check-up. I was kept informed of what I would feel before the tools were put in my mouth and was made to feel at ease. At the end of my treatment, my teeth looked wonderful again! Payment was reasonable, straightforward and dealt with professionally. Your treatment of customers from entry to exit was exemplary. I look forward to my next visit as a repeat customer.’
July 2015 – Mr G – Brighton, East Sussex

‘I first met Dr Asani at a wedding fair and was impressed with how friendly and informative the staff were. They were realistic with what treatments would work best for me and I felt that they really listened to what I wanted. I booked myself in for a consultation, and after reviewing the plan they had put together for me, which in terms of pricing was very reasonable for a private clinic, I decided to go ahead. I have always suffered with sensitive teeth, so when I did experience sensitivity during whitening treatment (Enlighten), Adyl and his staff went out of their way to ensure that I was given products to help this subside as soon as possible. After my whitening treatment had finished, Adyl carried out a procedure to help to rid my front teeth of two prominent calcium marks which I had resigned myself to being stuck with for life. I was amazed with the result – the marks had virtually disappeared and I now had a beautiful even, white smile! Everyone at Twenty One Dental made me feel so welcome and looked after – nothing felt like too much trouble. Having been through quite extensive orthodontic work including numerous extractions, I’m always quite nervous at Dentists. The experience here made me feel so at ease, I was told about everything that was going on as I sat in the chair. Adyl’s expertise in his field are so apparent – he was spot on with all expectations and advice. I had all this done in preparation for my wedding day, which as I write this, is 3 days away. I did not want to be self-conscious about my smile and Adyl has certainly made sure that isn’t the case. Thanks so much!’
July 2015 – Miss R – Steyning, West Sussex

‘Forget all phobias about the smell of a dentist surgery. From the moment you walk into the surgery the relaxed atmosphere, the greeting you get from the concierge (Tara), and the nurse (Theresa) all put you at ease. Dr Asani is so calm and gentle with you throughout the time you are in his surgery. He constantly reassures you and at no time do you feel any discomfort from the examinations he is doing. The whole atmosphere in his surgery is so calm and relaxed. I can honestly say the Twenty One Dental practice is like no other dental surgery I have been to. It is quite unique. I would most certainly recommend it to anyone.’
July 2015 – Mrs A – Hove, East Sussex

‘TwentyOneDental’s premises are above and beyond the norm in terms of the decor, technology and customer experience as soon as you enter the building. The internal decoration is modern, very attractive and well designed and spotlessly clean. The reception staff are very attentive and helpful and offer additional services such as hot and cold drinks and an iPad for filling out your record. These are all essentially cosmetic touches but really do make what can be a scary and negative experience, a more pleasant and calm one. In terms of treatment my appointments with Dr Asani have also been a good experience. He was very thorough, non-judgemental, patient and reassuring and the use of microscopes was an added bonus. But what I was probably most impressed with was the hygiene standards, which is one of my primary concerns when choosing a dentist. I have visited seemingly ‘good’ private dentists before (including chains) where the standard of hygiene was clearly lacking, for instance having papers and other objects on the work surfaces. The treatment rooms at TwentyOneDental are absolutely spotless and there is nothing on the surfaces that doesn’t have to be. It is obvious that standards are very high and I have every faith in their hygiene procedures.’
July 2015 – Mrs C – Hove, East Sussex

‘I also feel that considering the set up at Twentyone the prices are also very fair, no more than I would expect from any average private dentist. Mum’s pre-molar crown had dropped off and she was experiencing a lot of pain; with her Alzheimer, this made it even more difficult. Dr. Adyl Asani very kindly offered to see mum on an emergency basis on a Saturday afternoon. He was gentle and sensitive, treating her with utmost care when re-fixing the crown on a temporary basis, for which we are truly grateful. We would recommend without reservation, TwentyOneDental for personalized treatment offered with sensitivity and professionalism.’
July 2015 – Ms M – Brighton, East Sussex

‘TwentyOneDental staff immediately put you at your ease. There is a relaxed atmosphere within the practice but at the same time the quality of treatment is superb.’
July 2015 – Mr A – Hove, East Sussex

‘I have been treated via various private dentistry practices for the last twenty years and have only recently become a patient at Twenty One Dental. It is a breadth of fresh air and a totally unique experience clearly geared towards making the patient feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. The most notable differences included personalised music choices to aid relaxation, bespoke refreshments, lovely and professional staff, beautiful décor more along the lines of a high end spa, state of the art equipment, impressive follow-up and care plans and most of all the patience and brilliance of Dr Adyl Asani who has obviously thought very carefully about how he can make a sometimes a stressful experience, into a genuine lovely one. Thanks Adyl and the staff at Twenty One Dental.’
July 2015 – Mr F – Hove, East Sussex

‘I’ve always been a very nervous dental patient due a number of traumatic encounters with previous practitioners. I had decided I wanted some cosmetic treatment done ahead of my wedding this summer, but struggled to fine somewhere I felt comfortable with. After visiting 4 other places, I went to see Adyl. From the moment I stepped into the practise I knew this place was something different, and special. The receptionist staff are so welcoming and immediately put me at ease. Adyl is by far the best dentist I have ever had and will ever have. He really is excellent. I have had amazing feedback from family and friends on my now perfect smile, he has made me feel so confident about smiling on my wedding done, in fact I spent most of my life walking around like a Cheshire Cat! My other half is now a patient too, and so many of my friends have asked for his details as they are so impressed with what he has helped me achieve – Thank you Adyl and the team at twentyone dental.’
July 2015 – Ms F – Hove, East Sussex

‘Big thank you for Dr Adyl Asani, Mark Rayner, Tara Bartley, Theresa Doherty and Louise Goodman. Guys I am speechless, an amazing job, very fast first appointment, great treatment service and very professional! I recommend to anyone uncomfortable with dentist. Very polite and zero pain! Thank you so much guys, you’ve looked after me very very well!!!! Top dentist in Brighton & hove by far!’
July 2015 – Mr A – Hove, East Sussex

‘You guys are amazing !!!! I am speechless with how good you all are. Never been to a dentist like this before – ever !!!!! so friendly and professional AND made me feel so welcomed and informed too. Nothing was too much trouble AT ALL !!!!!!! Thank you so so very very much – Your help and dedication has fixed all my teeth I wanted. Dr Asani and his assistant, Theresa are and were totally amazing. Thank you so so very much!!!!! My confidence has not only been restored by Dr Asani and the team but made me SO VERY HAPPY with allowing me to smile again : – ) They even helped me with 0% finance – perfect !! I am soooooooo HAPPY……’
July 2015 – Mr L – Hove, East Sussex

‘Not always the best experience going to the dentist but TwentyOneDental is the nuts. Dr Asani and his team are fantastic’
July 2015 – Mr C – Brighton, East Sussex

‘Very impressed with TwentyOneDental in Hove ; excellent hygiene standards, lovely staff, and a very smart swanky clinic. Great experience’
June 2015 – Anonymous

“Dr Adyl is ‘Simply The Best’ …I recommend you treat yourself to an appointment. If, as many do, you have always felt anxious at the prospect of visiting the dentist, try Twenty One Dental and fix your fears along with your teeth, etc, etc. Dr Adyl has been my dentist for many years now and I honestly enjoy visiting him. My own customers, friends and family comment regularly on the great condition of my teeth and although my teeth were never awful, the work and maintenance carried out by Dr Adyl has given me a confidence that I never realised was missing in the first instance.”
June 2015- Anonymous

“I wanted to take the opportunity of thanking you all so very much of the superb way in which my treatment was carried out yesterday. David was an extremely calming influence throughout the whole process from our first telephone conversation to after the treatment had been concluded. He gauged the absolute perfect level of sedation that enabled me to have a pain free and non intrusive root canal procedure.

Special thanks to Adyl, having known you for a considerable number of years, I knew I was in the safest of hands with regards to this treatment.

Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting at Twenty One Dental have been professional, empathetic and very approachable. I look forward to many years of dental treatment with you all.”
May 2015 – Ms M – Brighton, East Sussex

“From the moment you enter the premises there is a feeling of calm. You are treated with great respect nothing is too much for any member of staff to do for you.
Whilst in the treatment room with Dr Assani you are put at ease and everything is so calm and done in a very efficient and professional way.
It is definitely the best treatment and experience I have had in a dental surgery.
I would certainly recommend people use Twenty One Dental as their dentist of choice
Best wishes”
May 2015 – Mrs J A – Brighton, East Sussex

“Like many others, I have an aversion to Dentists, or rather I used to have. Cannot praise highly enough the treatment I received and the environment within the practice, thank you very much Adyl”
April 2015 – Mr C K – Brighton, East Sussex

“Didn’t have a dentist before but needed one urgently. I contacted this clinic (out of hours) and was so surprised to actually speak to the actual dentist !!! and not a machine. I was seen that evening. Dr Asani was not only clearly experienced but he was so very understanding and helpful. I was made to feel “at home” and my nerves completely disappeared. I NEVER thought such a dental place could be so warm and friendly. I cannot thank Dr Asani enough. I have since been back to say hello and the entire team are so lovely. thank you thank you thank you”
March 2015 – Mr J T – Brighton, East Sussex

“Just had another flawless bit of dentistry from these guys”
January 2015 – Mr R H – Brighton, East Sussex

“Thank you Adyl-very professional-relaxing and spotless environment- would definitely recommend to others – once again thank you”
January 2015 – Mr J M – Hove, East Sussex

“Fantastic pain free treatment today. Would highly recommend Dr Adyl Asani”
January 2015 – CP – Hove, East Sussex

“We’ve had Adyl as our family dentist for some years now. He has always been the ultimate professional – diligent, extremely competent and with a superb bedside manner. His new premises put you at ease and make the visit as pleasant as it can be”
January 2015 – Mr P A – Hove, East Sussex

“Very relaxing in having hygiene work done today and pleased with the amazing air polishing treatment too.”
January 2015 – Mr G T – Eastbourne, East Sussex

“Wow ! What a stunning clinic – wonderfully happy having joined this clinic together with my children – they love it and so do I. What more can I say.”
January 2015 – Miss C R – Brighton, East Sussex

“I couldn’t believe how good the fees were here. Hardly any different than my previous dentist but at twentyonedental you get not only a stunning clinic with all high-tech equipment, but Dr Asani uses a MICROSCOPE, something I don’t know of any other dentist in the area who uses one. I was also impressed with all the treatments they offer, including facial dermal rollers and botox ! Staff are lovely (especially Dr Asani nurse, Theresa) and Dr Asani is such a nice friendly dentist and both made me feel really at ease, especially as I am usually nervous going to the dentist. I can’t wait to return ! Thank you Dr Asani and your team.”
January 2015 – Miss H I – Hove, East Sussex 

“Tasteful and Relaxing”
December 2014 – Mrs E H – Brighton, East Sussex 

“By the impressive look of your clinic I was extremely surprised to note how reasonable your fees are compared to other dentists, who have very little to offer in comparison to what you get here – five star treatment ! The best bit is you get not only an amazing experience and high class dentistry but I was impressed that Dr Asani used a microscope  and which identified a problem my previous dentist couldn’t detect  even using his loupes ! Also, the kids have iPads which teach them how to look after their teeth AND a choice of films or music whilst in the surgery ! This is definitely the 21st century dentist !! I am so glad I popped in and registered. My kids also got a free check too”
December 2014 – L C – Chichester, West Sussex 

“What an amazing dentist Dr Asani is. Not only is extremely clear when giving his professional advice, he is so softly spoken and friendly. He really cares too about his patients. With the latest technology he has, he was able to identify (and show me on the monitor whilst still sitting in the luxury patient chair) problems that my previous dentist said they had undertaken !!! Dr Asanis Nurse and his entire team are equally professional; friendly and above all knowledgeable. They even sell amazing electric toothbrushes and which were no different in price elsewhere. They even explained they price match too with the two big competitiors, Amazon and Boots. This clinic is DEFINATELY one to visit and most of all it is NOT AS EXPENSIVE AS IT LOOKS. So dont miss out on such an experiejnce. My kids loved it too and thats saying something !!!! But they they had iPads to play on a choice of films or music. Yes, absolutely ANYTHING they wanted. This is a dental clinic like no other. Thank you Dr Asani and your team. I am so glad I came in and will be staying with you and recommending all my family and friends.”
December 2014 – Mr A M – Hove, West Sussex

“Brilliant! Just walking into this dental clinic makes any toothache disappear and when you walk out you do so with a wonder smile. The place is a work of Art with Art, state of the art equipment in a boutique home like setting with the most gentle yet very professional dentist. We had teeth whitened and reshaped, our comfort thought of at every turn!
If you want the best for dental treatment from cosmetic work to special dental treatments, then we highly recommend this clinic and all its staff to all our friends worldwide….and Brighton by the sea great holiday place to be while you are having your smile and teeth totally re-engineered with gentleness, soft touch, and great care!”
December 2014 –  Mr Z A – London, Surrey

“Dr Adyl Asani is very much back in town and his excellent patient care and dedication to his high quality work returns……….at his own private boutique practice at TwentyOneDental”
December 2014 – Mr M A  – Brighton, East Sussex

“Fantastic experience , truly recommend , made me feel very comfortable , 10/10”
December 2014 – Mr A P — Hove, East Sussex

“I had always seen the dentist as a waste of money as all they would seem to do was have a poke around in your mouth and that was it send you on your way.
However from going to twenty one dental I realised their high standards immediately. I had a very thorough check, X-rays and we even discussed a problem I have with my mouth. Their advice was very helpful and reassuring as to what route to take. They are all very friendly, professional and polite and helpful with any queries. And I have no doubt this standard will remain.”
November 2014 – Mr L K- Hove, East Sussex

“Cannot recommend highly enough, Thanks Adyl and Mark and the team.”
November 2014 – Mr W C – Brighton, East Sussex

“My teeth were a mess before I visited the most kind, gentle and very caring dentist Dr Adyl Asani. He fitted me with a new set of upper and lower veneers. I now walk with a permanent smile. Welcome back Dr Asani. We have missed you dearly.”
October 2014 – Miss S A – London, Herts

“Good luck to Adyl and Mark on a fantastic achievement, warm welcome and even a cup of coffee,Adyl is a wonderful dentist who gave me back my smile,eternally greatfull, love you guys and wish you huge success xx”
October 2014 – Mrs M A – Hove, East Sussex

October 2014 – Mr N P< – Hove, East Sussex

“Lovely surroundings and top service. Professionally looked after and made to feel at ease by the nicest of people. 10/10”
November 2014 – Mrs J C – Brighton, East Sussex

“An absolutely stunning clinic with high-tech equipment. definitely 21st century. So very pleased Dr Asani is back and providing his usual excellent dental treatment. Really professional and an absolutely lovely clinic. especially love the high-tech microscope !!! Definitely recommend.”
November 2014 – Mrs L C – Worthing, West Sussex

“Excited to try Ad’s new clinic. Bringing dentistry into 21st century – great for those of us who get nervous going to the dentist!!”
October 2014 – C B – Hove, East Sussex

“By far and away the best dental experience I have had. Dr Asani is excellent at putting you at ease and the treatment was completely pain-free. What more could you ask?”
October 2014 – Mr G W – Hove, East Sussex

“As a nurse who has had the pleasure of working with Adyl I’m very excited for the Twentyonedental team. Adyl is a wonderful dentist and a perfectionist in all that he does for his patients. I wish him the very best.”
October 2014 – J B – Brighton, East Sussex

“Nothing but five star !!”
October 2014 – Mr G F – Brighton, East Sussex

October 2014 –  Mr J P— Haywards Heath, West Sussex

“Incredible dentist surgery with equally incredible staff and expertise. Absolutely stunning and state of the art. Will be recommending to everyone. Fantastic.”
September 2014 – Miss N E G- Brighton, East Sussex

“Dr Asani has a wonderful manner, he explains everything and gives plenty of time for the patient to make informed choices in a relaxing and beautiful environment. His knowledge and skill are second to none. Highly recommended.”
September 2014 – N L – Hove, East Sussex

“Twenty One Dental is a completely new dental experience. It’s more like a trip to a boutique hotel than a traditional dental surgery, and you’ll come away feeling renewed as well as treated.If it sounds too good to be true, you really need to head to Twenty One Dental and take a look for yourself. The team are extremely professional, friendly and eager to help. If you don’t enjoy visiting your current dentist, or you think you should really be getting better treatment, or you just want to try something different, go to Twenty One Dental and experience customer service as it should be. You won’t regret it.”
September 2014 –  Mr L G – Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

“An amazing beautiful boutique clinic. excellent experienced team and as for dr asani – simply the most caring; gentle dentist who provides the best of everything. so pleased he is back in town.”
September 2014 – Mrs D G – Brighton, East Sussex

“Although I have not had treatment with TwentyOneDental, I am eagerly waiting to get down to the new clinic! Both Mark and Adyl are very friendly and honest people and take pride in offering nothing less than a first class service, rivalled by none! Over the last few months I have seen them cutting no corners and sparing no expenses to ensure the clinic is top of the range and this has been extended in to their staff hiring and the diversity of the services offered. I really have no doubt that TwentyOneDental will be up there with the best dental surgeries in the country and wish the guys all the best and look forward to the grand opening!”
September 2014 – Mr T S – Hove, East Sussex

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