Dental Consultations

March 8, 2017 by 21-admin

The most important aspect of any dental consultation is to listen to you, the Patient.

I appreciate that every individual has different worries and concerns about their dental health. Frequently, my clients feel that these issues have been ignored in past dental consultations, leaving them feeling frustrated and that they have not been listened to. Therefore, I will spend a great deal of time at your initial visit talking to you, to enable me to determine exactly what it is you would like to achieve from coming to see me and the team at TwentyOneDental.

The consultation will allow me to explore if you afraid or nervous (and why this might be), as well as what you like or do not like- before we even start looking at your teeth!

My ethos is to look at how the whole mouth works together and not just individual teeth. I take great care to explain what I have found to you in simple terms and to give you clear and concise information about your available treatment options.

Digital photography is central to my practice. This means that through the use of high quality colour photos of my findings, I can show you directly what I am talking about on a TV screen (if you are happy to view them). I feel that this will greatly help you to understand exactly what is going on in your mouth and will motivate you to take action.

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