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Cigna’s dental plans already offer cover for members dental treatment costs. However, as an added benefit, CIGNA members have the benefit of what they have introduced as their “Healthy Discounts”.

Healthy Discounts offers an additional value – giving all dental plan customers the chance to pay 20% less for dental *treatments.

That’s a 20% saving on covered and non-covered private treatment costs. As a Healthy Discounts approved and fully private digital dental and implant clinic, you can save more on the costs of dental care. Only approved clinics like ourselves offer these savings. So, if your own registered dentist doesn’t offer Healthy Discounts, you can of course continue to use them and your dental plan but you won’t be entitled to these savings. However, to benefit from these savings, all you need do is register with us and you can then start benefitting from these member savings straight away. To find out more about how to register with us as a CIGNA member, scroll down for further information.

What sort of treatments do you offer to patients?

All registered patients are privileged to contact us 7 days a week

So I understand you are a multi award winning digital dental & implant clinic undertaking all types of dental treatment including specialist treatments where other dental clinics are unable to provide?

Yes, that’s correct. We are proudly recognised as a leader in digital dentistry throughout the South East covering a wide range of treatments all of which being undertaken here on site by our sought after team of exemplary surgeons. This means our patients do not have to meet or travel unnecessarily to other clinics for specialist treatments, as we have our own dedicated specialist team of surgeons. Not forgetting our very own onsite digital laboratory led by our senior dental technician, Sarah Roots. As a team we all work very closely together (including very much our patients) which benefits everyone and of course ensures each and every patient receives only the very best patient care, quality treatments and outcome. For us, nothing less will do.

This sounds amazing. Have you received many awards to reflect your leading status?

Yes, we are extremely privileged and honoured to have been recognised on many occasions and what is often referred to within the dental industry as being similar to the “Oscars”, by the elite Private Dentistry Awards Panel. Our recent awards being in 2020, bringing our total number of accolades to 24!

As a provider of the highest quality products, best patient care and exemplary treatment, we also have many other dental clinics that choose to refer to us based on what is seen as world class leading digital dental technology and much more.

We also have our very own onsite digital dental laboratory which is extremely unique within the dental industry and is why we are able to offer all treatment under one roof. This means our patients not only have the opportunity to receive same day treatments but have the opportunity to visit our laboratory to see their tooth being made and meet our technician too. However, if you prefer to relax in one of our relaxation suites, watching your tooth being made via video link direct from the lab itself, this too is an option.

To find out more about our clinic, please visit click here.

What is a Healthy Discounts dentist?As a Healthy Discounts dentists, we have agreed to provide CIGNA members with a 20% discount off published private fees for all treatments. This means you can enjoy a 20% saving on treatments covered by your Cigna dental plan.

Can I save on treatments not covered by my Cigna dental plan?

Yes, you can still save on other treatments, such as teeth whitening and implants.

Who can get Healthy Discounts?

All Cigna dental plan members, including family members covered by a Cigna dental plan, can enjoy Healthy Discounts with us.

When you visit as a Healthy Discounts patient, what happens?

Members will pay 20% less for all treatments. If you are having treatment that’s covered by your Cigna dental plan, members can claim as they normally would. You can also have treatment that’s not covered by your Cigna dental plan and enjoy the 20% savings. You will need to pay the treatment costs yourself as you can’t make a claim to Cigna for this treatment.

Do members need to bring anything with them when they visit a Healthy Discounts dentist?

Yes. Members must bring along their Cigna dental plan membership card or their ‘How to use a Healthy Discounts dentist’ leaflet with them. These will have been sent to you with your welcome letter.

Does the discount affect members’ plan limits?

The Healthy Discounts feature does not affect plan limits. Your claim for covered treatments will be subject to the reimbursement limits and annual maximum benefits detailed in your List of Benefits. You will be able to find these in the literature sent to you or online with CIGNA.

Do members have to use a Healthy Discounts dentist?

No. You have complete flexibility. If your chosen dentist is not a Healthy Discounts provider, you can continue to visit them. The choice is of course yours but you will not benefit from a 20% saving.

How do members pay for their treatment?

All members are required to pay for their treatment in accordance with our standard terms and then make their own claim for re-imbursement with CIGNA themselves.

Unsure of what your CIGNA  policy limits are or have any other policy questions?

As we do not deal with individual policies or benefits, you will need to contact CIGNA dental support team should you have any query or concerns about what you may or may not be entitled too – 01475 492351 or email: SMYLE@CIGNA.COM

So how does a member arrange an appointment with us or register as a patient?

All you need do is call our experienced and friendly Front of House team on 01273 202102. They will take some initial details before transferring you to our dedicated CIGNA private patient advisor, Kayleigh Pizzey.

Please make sure you have your CIGNA membership card to hand or your “healthy discounts dentist leaflet” as mentioned above

When it comes to helping you maintain excellent oral health – we’re with you all the way!

*20% discount only applies to full published treatment prices and is not applicable to offers, promotions or gift vouchers

We look forward to welcoming you into our friendly clinic
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