Fissure Sealants

Fissure Sealants

A helping hand to give young teeth the best chance for a long future

Fissure sealants help prevent dental decay and protect newly emerged adult teeth. The sealants stop small fragments of food getting stuck in the narrow fissures of the back molars. Trapped debris in the fissures, sugar in particular, can lead to premature cavities. Applying fissure sealants smooths over the narrow gaps, leaving the bit surface still functional but without the hazard of food becoming stuck in the fissures.

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What does having fissure sealants involve?

Having fissure sealants is a straight-forward procedure that can be finished in a single appointment.

We first begin with drying the teeth that will be treated. We paint the sealant over the bite surface and fill in the deep grooves. Using a UV light, we harden the sealant. We check the surface and remove any excess sealant.

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Are fissure sealants necessary?

While generally practicing good oral hygiene will keep cavities at bay with or without fissure sealants, we advise our younger patients to have sealants applied to keep their molars as problem-free as possible. We tend to apply sealants when the second set of molars fully grow at around thirteen years of age.

Are fissure sealants only suitable for children?

No. In some cases where patients have deeper pits and fissures than usual, we advise for them to have fissure sealants applied to help prevent cavities from developing.

How long do fissure sealants last?

Fissure sealants aren’t permanent and wear away over time. Generally, they can last around six years and can be reapplied if your dentist believes it necessary.

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