Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

TwentyOneDental undertakes to treat patients with a co-ordinated team approach in line with current good practice. Individual treatments are carried out with the clinician best qualified to provide the procedure and within the clinician’s individual competence level. Competence and experience are updated and reinforced by continuing professional development of all members of our team. We undertake to be friendly and welcoming at all times, to provide a clean and comfortable environment and to offer advice and information which is relevant to the patient’s own particular dental health problems.

We expect that patients will in turn respect all members of our clinics team and value their own personal dental health to take advice from both the dentists and all the employed clinical team. We endeavour to make our services available at a convenient and suitable time for patients’ needs, but ask that patients respect the needs of the dentists and the team to have adequate time off.

What we charge you for

As a private facility, we charge you the total cost of your dental care. Our advice and treatment charges include staff, equipment, materials, training and laboratory costs. If we are planning treatment or giving you information rather than treating you, we calculate these charges at a lower, administrative rate.


All treatment and dental care at TwentyOneDental are provided on a private contract basis. There is no NHS provision.

Our charges are calculated, but not exclusively, by reference to the time our clinical team spend both clinically and administratively.

We also take into account a number of other factors, including the complexity and urgency of the work required.

Additional charges will also be applied if treatment is out of normal surgery hours or requiring special re-opening of the surgery is needed.

New consultation appointments and routine check-up appointments are charged according to our published price list. Occasionally a longer appointment is necessary in order to deal with a particularly urgent or complex problem in which case the fee will reflect the time taken.

Letters and telephone calls made and received are charged on a non-clinical hourly rate according to the time used.

We reserve the right to increase our charges which will usually be reviewed on an annual basis.


Written estimates are provided for all planned treatments and the fees remain valid over the whole period of treatment provided it is commenced within 12 months of the date of the estimate. Every effort is made to give cost estimates which are as accurate as possible based on the information available to us at the consultation or treatment planning appointments. Treatment plans and associated cost estimates may need to be reviewed as your treatment progresses and the issues become clearer. You will be advised of any additional items needed to be added to the course of treatment and any additional fees which will be applied at the fee rate at the time of adjustment.

Payment terms

Fees for consultations, reports and/or advice including all treatments are due on the same day and can be made by cheque, cash, credit or debit card. For longer courses of treatment, the fees may be spread into instalments over the duration of the treatment time, with the final balance being due on the agreed day of completion of the treatment. Finance packages can be set up to manage the treatment fees over a longer period of time, but these must be agreed at the time of preparation of the treatment estimate. Any variation of payment terms can only be agreed prior to commencement of the treatment.

If any account, whether interim or final, and in relation to any type of work remains unpaid for 30 days we shall be entitled to charge interest on the amount outstanding from the date of the invoice at 2% per calendar month.

We have the facility to accept payment by credit or debit card, cheque and direct bank transfer (BACS).

Fees for new patient consultation, hygiene/therapy (including direct access) and emergency appointments are to be paid at the time of booking.


Appointments can be booked online anytime 24 hrs a day here or via telephone during clinic hours.

Every effort will be made to select and accommodate an appropriate appointment in terms of the clinician, length and urgency needed based on the information provided by the patient. Missed appointments and late attendance for appointments will be charged to reflect the time allocated and/or where exceeded. Appointments cancelled at short notice will also incur a fee. We require 48 hours’ notice of cancellation and such notification does not include weekends or public holidays. For further information, please see our deposit and cancellation policy here


Written reports, addendum reports and/or advice to supplement treatment plans or otherwise, estimates including medico-legal purposes and for referring clinicians are charged by reference to the time required and complexity of the case at our non-clinical hourly fee rate.


Every effort will be made to ensure that patients fully understand the treatment plan with both verbal and written supplementary information to include the options, benefits and risks associated with the proposed treatment. Patients will then be required to sign a statement of informed consent prior to treatment commencement.


Every effort will be made to ensure that patients fully understand the treatment plan with both verbal and written supplementary information to include the options, benefits and risks associated with the proposed treatment. Patients will then be required to sign a statement of informed consent prior to treatment commencement.


TwentyOneDental maintains an emergency contact facility so that registered patients can reach and speak to a dentist out of normal surgery hours. The emergency service is available also to all other non-registered patients during clinic hours only. We reserve the right to make a charge for telephone advice and/or a fee for recalling the dentist and/or re-opening the surgery out of normal hours in addition to the normal clinical fees.


TwentyOneDental offers access to dental care for disabled and limited mobility patients. We reserve the right to charge additional fees over the standard treatment fees, to cover the time required for making these visits. Parking is available on clinic premises, but requires advance booking in conjunction with arranging the appointment and is subject to availability. Street parking is also available directly outside the clinic.


TwentyOneDental is keen to hear any complaints about our services so that we can use the comments to improve our performance. Complaints should be addressed directly to our Clinic Manager Tara Bartley and will be handled in ac-accordance with the clinic complaints policy, a copy of which is available on request in print or by e-mail.

Access to medical records

From time to time it is necessary to obtain additional information to assist with diagnosis and treatment from the patient’s doctor, previous dentist or medical specialist. This is carried out in accordance with the Access to Medical Re-ports Act 1988 and you have a right to withhold your consent or to see the medical report before it is sent to TwentyOneDental.


TwentyOneDental is under a legal obligation to keep the affairs of patients confidential and this is the responsibility of all members of the team according to the General Dental Council guidelines. A copy of our confidentiality policy is available on request.

Termination of instructions

You may withdraw your instructions for treatment at any time by written notice to us. In such circumstances, you will be required to pay for all such treatment undertaken and planned for as per our deposit and cancellation policy. We may withdraw on giving you written notice where we have reasonable grounds to do so (including failure by you or any persons acting on your behalf to settle invoices in full).