Dr Adyl Asani

BDS BSc (Hons)

Clinical Director

GDC Number: 73480

Dr Asani graduated from one of the most prestigious Dental Schools in the UK, Guy’s Hospital, London (UMDS) in 1997. He was granted Bachelor of Dental Surgery and an Honours Degree in Biomaterials with Basic Medical Sciences.

Adyl has been involved with the Enhancement and Maintenance of Oral Health in Hove for 20 years and has a passion for working closely with his patients in transforming their smile using Cosmetic Dentistry.

In addition, Adyl has completed a 12 month Postgraduate Course of Study in Dental Implantology with Straumann and the ITI (International Team for Implantology).

Adyl’s core belief is that not only can Modern Dentistry make you look and feel better, but that the prevention of Dental Disease and Maintenance of a Healthy Mouth from an early age is crucial, following many studies showing that Good Dental Health and Regular Dental Visits, can actually save your life and allow you to live longer. Adyl is an avid promoter of making dental visits for children fun and engaging.

Over the past 20 years, Adyl has built up an admirable reputation in Hove, with his professional yet personable approach. He is particularly known for his extremely sensitive and caring manner and working in association with his patients in understanding their desires and striving to achieve the best possible result. His attention to fine detail and precise nature, are attributes that Adyl is highly regarded for by many of his patients.

He is committed to continually improving his knowledge and keeping abreast of the latest advances in Dentistry, through Postgraduate Education Courses on Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implantology and Orthodontics as well as Core Subjects such as Infection Control, Radiology and Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults.

Adyl and his highly experienced team members all have the same ethos:

  • To listen to you and understand your concerns.
  • To provide dentistry of excellent quality which is tailored to your needs.
  • Make you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease throughout the whole treatment process.


Dr Cristina Ruberto



GDC Number: 106233

Dr Ruberto is a graduate of Universita’ Degli Studi Di Bari, in Italy, one of the leading universities for Medicine and Dentistry in the South of Italy. She was granted a BDS and MDS, after five years of studies, with Distinction and First Class Honours in 2005.

For the past 8 years, she practiced in central practices in Oxford, Worthing and Brighton where she dealt with all aspects of General Dentistry. She developed a passionate interest in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry in the past 4 years. This led her to start in 2011 a very innovative 3 years Master programme in Aesthetic Dentistry at the prestigious Kings College in London, where she was trained according to the latest techniques under the supervision of a team of academics, many of whom are world-leaders in their field. She was awarded the MSc Aes Den with Distinction in 2014. Her dissertation on Porcelain Laminate Veneers was the winner of the prominent Henry Schein Excellence Award, a prize which is conferred on students with excellent performance in their dissertation and academic studies after a panel of three senior academics reviewed the top 10% of all dissertations submitted in 2013. She is currently working on the publication of her dissertation in a top field journal.

She mostly works in close collaboration with expert dental technicians in order to achieve the best possible result. She strongly believes that good Cosmetic Dentistry is a combination of exact planning, precision technology and dental techniques, and creative individualisation; and the beauty of a transformed, confident and above all, happy smile is the most marvellous gratification that a patient can give to her.

In her daily practice, she thoroughly enjoys discussing treatment options with her patients, has a very caring manner and is particularly responsive in listening to patients’ preferences and concerns. She believes in building great rapports with her patients and is highly motivated and committed to enhance her skills with continuous education. She firmly believes that passion, commitment and good ‘people skills’ are the landmark of being a good dentist.

Cristina has the same passion and ethos as the rest of our highly experienced team members:

  • To listen to you and understand your concerns
  • To provide dentistry of excellent quality which is tailored to your needs
  • Make you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease throughout the whole treatment process


Dr Jose Cordero Bayo

BDS, MClinDent Implantology


GDC Number: 170042

Jose has been practicing in private practice since 2009.

A truly caring dental surgeon who has previously been in private practice in Worthing for many years where he has built up an admirable reputation with his amazing use of digital technology and extremely happy patients! Being a local Hove resident himself, Jose brings with him an immense wealth of experience and enthusiasm to provide the highest level of dental care TwentyOneDental are renowned for.

A sought after Dental Surgeon, Jose also brings with him additional experience from the world famous Harley Street, London where his excellent reputation is also well known.

Particularly so for achieving outstanding results using digital dentistry not forgetting his numerous skills and experience including advanced oral surgery, Jose has an extremely sensitive and caring approach with all his patients.

Passionately committed to keeping abreast of the latest advances in dentistry through post graduate education courses, Jose has additional qualifications in Surgical & Restorative Implantology, Endodontics and a Masters in Clinical Dentistry in Implantology.

Jose is also a certified Invisalign GOLD practitioner, providing invisible orthodontics for teenagers and adults.

Being committed to advanced technology in dentistry is just one of many reasons why Jose was keen to work here at TwentyOneDental. With our digital dentistry technology, patients comfort is enhanced using what is often called by many as the future of dentistry.

With the use of iTero provides so much more precision for restorative dentistry such as crowns, bridges, inlays, implants.

The use of intra oral scanners make the overall experience so much more comfortable for our patients, particularly for those who suffer from a strong gag reflex. The associated discomfort caused by traditional impressions is also removed. With the use of such digital technology, iTero is a cutting-edge scanner that eliminates the need for impressions, enabling Jose to create an even more accurate fit for Invisalign® aligners. Traditional impressions are often messy and trigger a gag reflex in some patients, making them an uncomfortable part of the Invisalign® preparation process.

Our patients can entirely avoid this problem with iTero. The scanner not only provides a more accurate digital impression – it also powers the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator, which helps the patient visualize how their teeth will look at the end of the treatment process. The high level of accuracy also minimizes patients time to re-take impressions.

Having the same ethos as everyone here at TwentyOneDental, Jose:

  • Listens to you and understands your concerns
  • Provides exemplary dentistry tailored to your needs
  • Makes you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease throughout your treatment process

He is committed to keeping abreast of the latest advances in Dentistry, through Postgraduate Education Courses. Currently Jose is undertaking a Periodontics certification.


  • Qualified – 2008
  • Surgical & Restorative Implantology – 2012
  • Postgraduate in Endodontics – 2013
  • Implant Dentistry – 2013
  • Masters in Clinical Dentistry in Implantology – 2017

And has a keen interest in:

  • Invisalign*
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Digital Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Implantology
  • Facial Rejuvenation


  • GOLD Invisalign certified provider*
  • British Endodontics Association
  • British Dental Association
  • Association of Dental Implantology

Dr David Drysdale

BDS, MSc, Dic, MFDS, RCSEd, PG Dip Conscious Sedation


GDC Number: 153690

Dr David Drysdale graduated in Dentistry from King’s College London in 2008. In 2012 he completed a diploma in sedation and in 2013, he became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. Dr Drysdale also has a Masters in Immunology from Imperial College London.

David spent time working as a Senior House Officer in Maxillofacial Surgery where his interest in hospital dentistry was piqued. He currently works as a Senior Dental Officer at Solent NHS Trust in the South West of England. In his role at Solent NHS Trust, David works predominantly with paediatric patients.

He also works as a seditionist in several private practices across London and the South Coast of England.

David has lectured on sedation in Dubai and has published a paper on transcutaneous carbon dioxide monitoring. He is a member of SAAD and DTSG and is on the mentors list for both organisations. David is trained in intravenous, oral and intranasal sedation and is one of the few seditionists in the South East who offers intranasal sedation in dental practice.

Intranasal sedation works excellently for patients who are extremely anxious or needle phobic. David is known for being calm and caring.

He firmly believes that a visit to the dentist should not be a terrifying experience and is passionate about putting patients at ease during their dental treatment.

David has the same passion and ethos as the rest of our highly experienced team members:

  • To listen to you and understand your concerns
  • To provide dentistry of excellent quality which is tailored to your needs
  • Make you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease throughout the whole treatment process

Eamon Dehdashti



GDC Number: 261762

Eamon is our resident dually-qualified Hygienist/Therapist and offers treatments ranging from our platinum clean which includes a jet spray polish, to more comprehensive courses of gum therapy. He has a personal, caring approach, alongside exceptional skills in treating a broad spectrum of conditions associated with gum health. Being a dually-qualified Dental Hygienist/Therapist, he also provides a wider range of routine procedures and treatments such as fillings on adults and children.

Eamon has an extremely keen interest identifying links between periodontal disease and systemic conditions commonly seen today. He prides himself on providing effective treatments and in particular, helping educate patients of all ages in all areas of gum health. His clear passion for his work ensures he provides effective, evidence based preventative treatments and oral health education. His caring and sensitive manner ensures his patients are at ease whilst assisting them to understanding the importance about disease prevention.

Eamon is a member of the Russell Group of Universities, achieved a dual qualification in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy and graduated from The Leeds School of Dentistry. He is also a member of the British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy.

Eamon has the same passion and ethos as the rest of our highly experienced team members:

  • To listen to you and understand your concerns
  • To provide dentistry of excellent quality which is tailored to your needs
  • Make you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease throughout the whole treatment process

Click HERE to see the following video – CAN ADVICE FROM A HYGIENIST REALLY SAVE LIVES?


Ola Cieslak


Ola leads our clinical nursing team. She has an admirable approach to her work, ensuring patient care is always at the forefront of everything that she does. Her commitment to providing and maintaining excellence in practice is something that is always recognised by our patients and which also reflects the exceptional standards provided at all times by the entire team here at TwentyOneDental.

Ola compliments the team with her wealth of experience and leadership as clinical lead.


Katy Masters


Katy supports our clinical team as a Clinical Assistant and is extremely passionate about delivering and maintaining the highest quality patient care and strives to excel in every aspect of her clinical role. Katy has undertaken her level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing and is wholly committed to her chosen career within dentistry. Katy compliments the team with her wealth of enthusiasm, patience and warm caring approach.


Cordelia Smith


Cordelia has recently gained her dental nursing qualification from Kings College Hospital, London. During her training, she gained invaluable knowledge and experience in multiple departments including Orthodontics, Paediatrics and Oral Surgery. In addition, Sedation and Special Care Dentistry.

Cordelia’s commitment and true passion in her chosen career is keen to expand her knowledge and deliver high quality patient care in private practice. This means she not only has time for the clinical side of her work which she loves but in particular, also has time to spend with patients too.


Natalie Hydes


Natalie is a friendly highly organised and indeed wholly committed individual who provides the highest standards of patient care that TwentyOneDental not only expect but are also well known for.

Her strong work ethos simply compliments everything that we do. Natalie is an asset to the clinic.

Whilst fully qualified, Natalie’s passion in continuing with her professional development is currently studying Dental Implantology Nursing NEBDN at the most prestigious Kings College in London.


Mark Anthony Rayner


Appointed as Commercial Director, Mark brings a wealth of managerial experience to this 21st Century Practice, having spent some 20 years in Law – the latter 10 years employed in Private Practice in Brighton and Gatwick, leading a dedicated Public Sector Team of highly skilled personnel.

Not only is Mark highly regarded as an excellent leader, but is a keen and motivated individual, helping to achieve and maintain high standards in the working environment. He also has a passion for ensuring excellence in the commercial aspect of dental practice and whilst working alongside team members from time to time, he will be overseeing the running of TwentyOneDental.

Mark understands how important it is to ensure that the Practice has highly motivated, suitably qualified and experienced team members and will be working closely with Dr Asani, the Clinical Director of the Practice, to ensure that this is supported and maintained at all times.

Above all, Mark will ensure that patient care and expectations are to be fully understood by all members of the Clinical Care Team, led by Dr Asani, and which will be implemented at all times, including during scheduled meetings undertaken on a weekly basis.

Mark is known for his clear attention to detail, this being one of many attributes he brings to the Practice. He is a high achiever and working closely with the highly experienced Clinical Director of the Practice, ensures that the outstanding quality and standards of TwentyOneDental are maintained and developed.

Mark was born in Hove and where he has lived all of his life.


Tara Bartley


Tara holds the senior role of Clinic Manager and has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the clinic, team management and ensuring extremely high patient care including clinical care is maintained at all times. She works alongside our Commercial Director, providing considerable support to ensure that our extremely high standards are consistently maintained.

Tara has been in the dental profession in excess of 19 years and therefore has built up a wealth of experience which she brings to her senior role here at TwentyOneDental. Her previous management roles reflect her appointment.

Tara enjoys the interaction with patients and in working with the clinical team, assists each patient in helping find the most appropriate dental path. She is passionate about her commitment to work; has outstanding customer service and a friendly professional approach. Such interaction, attention to clear detail and leadership skills ensures every patient journey is one to remember for the right reasons.

As Clinic Manager, Tara is proud to be a member of a truly committed team that provides not only excellent dental care but who also ensure patients come first at all times.


Isobel Goodridge


p>Isobel forms part of our highly experienced and friendly concierge team, bringing with her clear dedication and passion to providing nothing less than an exemplary “front of house” service. Liaising with all patients and helping them in any way that she can is something that comes naturally to Isobel, which is the genuine ethos of our entire team.


Lilly Newington


Lilly is a cheerful individual who thrives on giving our patients the best quality care with her enthusiastic, warm and welcoming personality. Having obtained a diploma in Travel & Tourism and undertaken Hospitality training, Lilly compliments the extremely high standards of our “front of house” team.


Patient Service

Administration Team

The Patient Service Administration Team (PSAT) is co-ordinated by Tara Bartley and who works closely alongside the Commercial Director. Tara provides a point of contact for patients who may have a concern but may be unsure which member of the team to raise it with or feel that they would wish to speak with someone else to which their concern relates.

The PSAT are knowledgeable and experienced in handling patient concerns and have overall responsibility for ensuring responses to enquiries and/or complaints are co-ordinated effectively and efficiently. The main purpose and responsibility of the PSAT is to provide a prompt and efficient initial response to enquiries and/or complaints. The PSAT co-ordinator keeps the Commercial Director closely informed at all times so that the matter can then be investigated and a resolution provided without undue delay. Where possible, the PSAT will deal with questions, complaints and straight forward low risk concerns there and then in order to provide a prompt service to address matters in the hope that matters can be resolved at this early stage.

The PSAT can be contacted during clinic hours on 01273 202102 or via email to hello@twentyonedental.co.uk

Outside of these hours, telephone messages and emails will be dealt with on the next working day, when an initial acknowledgement response will be given.


Dr Panayiotis Karavellas

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number: 252290

Panos is the most recent addition to compliment our highly skilled clinicians and brings with him passion, enthusiasm and energy.

He acquired his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at University of Sheffield in 2014 and remains at the forefront of the latest developments in dentistry, in order to deliver the best care to his patients. He believes strongly in effective communication and patient education and is keen to provide explanations and details about your oral health and how we can hep you achieve your goals. Panos, like the rest of us at TwentyOneDental, aims to keep you calm and relaxed during your visits and to make sure that your experience is always pleasant and enjoyable.

His main interests in include:

  • Aesthetic dentistry

    As with all the dentists at our practice we aim to perform treatments to the highest standard in order to achieve long lasting but also aesthetic outcomes.

    He is a Full Member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

    Has undertaken the prestigious Masterclass of Style Italiano in Italy – taught by a world renowned team in Aesthetic Dentistry
    In 2019-2020 he is participating in a 12 month postgraduate education course for advanced aesthetic treatments

  • Teeth straightening using Invisalign IGo and Inman Aligner

    To compliment our Invisalign Full and 6 Month Smiles treatments, we now offer an even wider range of options for achieving straight teeth

  • Paediatric – Childrens dentistry

    The foundation of a happy smile for life starts from a young age and Panos is particularly keen in creating fun and engaging visits for young children in order to ensure good oral health from the beginning of their lives

  • Digital Dentistry

    Being the only Fully Digital Dental and Implant Clinic, we encourage use of modern technology to aid our patient’s journey. Panos brings Customised Smile Simulations to our clinic where an image of your smile or teeth can be manipulated to show you potential changes in a realistic way. This is addition to our Digital Smile Design – a concept already used by our highly experienced surgeons

  • Dental photography

    Panos has a keen interest in dental photography and in addition to our photographic studio he will be able to offer an even more artistic approach to your smile. The advantages of photographs are manifold and allow our patients to visualise their dentition, long term monitoring and of course can be used to show treatment outcomes and simulations

Panos believes in delivering the best care possible at the highest of standards consistently and hence uses magnification routinely at a factor of 5 through the use of loupes – “no detail is too small”

Be sure there will be an abundance of interesting topics to discuss with him, including his hobbies and interests in bachata-latin dancing, sports, food, travelling, languages and of course Cyprus.


Meet the Team

We have drawn together two teams of highly trained, skilled and talented dental professionals. This is to ensure that our patients receive only the very best dental care.

The Clinical Care Team is led by our Clinical Director, Dr Adyl Asani and the Patient Service Team is led by our Commercial Director, Mr Mark Rayner.

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Media Consultancy Team

TwentyOneDental have an experienced media consultancy team with considerable expertise in managing; maintaining and developing our website to include social media interaction too.

Social media being one of the most important types of online marketing and as a 21st Century Clinic, the team are keen to maintain both its clear and effectiveness in continuing to reach audiences of all ages to help understand the importance of dental hygiene amongst articles of interest.