What our patients say

Totally recommend Twenty One Dental. I’ve just finished the 6 month smiles treatment and am so delighted with the results. Adyl and the team are so friendly and reassuring throughout. A trip to the dentist was once a nightmare for me, now I quite enjoy it!! Thanks Adyl for everything so far.
Mrs R L
My brilliant dental practice!

Always difficult when moving area to find somewhere so good!
Susan Hela

I don’t even understand why I am reviewing a dentist , I do not like dentists . I have a list of evil people and dentists are on it.

Or were on it I’m rubbing them off the list now , these guys make the worst experience bearable to the point where I am actually not at all bothered about avoiding going.

What I see is a group of professionals with a care and concern for the patient that makes you feel calm and relaxed and I see a good feeling within the group of staff themselves.

I know from the work that Jose has done on my mouth that the skill and quality of work is of the highest level.
I’m not going to lie they are not the cheapest but they are worth every penny .David Dixon

A great experience (from someone who was terrified of dentists). Even booked a return visit.
Sally Stratton
WOW. This is by far the best ever dental practice I have ever seen or been to ever ! Dr Asani is simply the BEST, so kind, caring and really does listen to what the patient wants. He talks through ALL options and they have the most amazing digital technology to look after a patients teeth. I even got the option to look at exactly what treatment was being done with a full and clear explanation. They even have their own dental laboratory onsite, so you can see the making of your own teeth if you wish !!! I love this place and the staff.
Mrs Taylor
This place has EVERY TREATMENT a patient needs all under one roof. No being referred elsewhere. So much easier and you get to know everyone – and they are all so wonderfully friendly with what I can only describe as a 5 star hotel reception would have.
Mr J
You really need to check this place out. Its morelike a top hotel than a dentist. Everyone is so lovely and the cost isn’t as much as you would think it would be. So glad I found twenty one dental. Dr Asani who is the owner, has a great team.
Miss T
Same day dentistry really is same day. No being sent anywhere else like my old dentist used to do. This place has all the technology and what I found really impressive too was the fact they really do care about patients safety. The scanner they use has less radiation than other places. Clearly they have spared no expense on the equipment and its all for the benefit of the patients well being. The costs aren’t bad either. I’m definitely staying here.
Great team. Great service. Love this place. They really do care and I’m particularly nervous but i felt really at ease. thank you twenty one dental.
Mrs S
My word. Came to this place for a new appointment and they really do take their time with you. the appointment wasn’t rushed. dentist and nurses were all lovely and patient. reception team were delightful and caring too.
Mr L
Registered my young teenager here. they hated going to our last dentist but now, coming to this beautiful dentist I was over joyed when they said “they actually enjoyed it mum” !!! thank you twenty one dental. you have not only made my life much easier but happier too, knowing that my childs teeth are in really good hands and they like it too !! keep up the great work.
Mrs G
I have just started my treatment plan with Twenty One Dental and so far I have been completely satisfied. Very friendly and efficient staff and standard of care has been exemplary up to now. Would not hesitate in recommending to friends /family.Mr Y, Hove, East Sussex
The treatment I had at TwentyOneDental was HALF THE PRICE I used to pay at my previous dentist and that was NHS and this clinic is private ! Im so glad I moved to this dental practice” They really do look after you and their fees are cheaper than you would think ! Stunning place too. Just like a classy boutique hotel.S Meah Sussex
I really like this dentist.
Ms B. Hove, East Sussex
Great service, was particularly good at making me feel at ease and made conversation which I said helped so thank you!

Miss F. Storington, West Sussex

Dear Team, Thank you for making my daughter’s teeth white again! I was really pleased with the results!! She is also delighted. She has recently lost 1 1/2 stone in weight and that and her now white teeth will help her gain confidence even more. Also thank you for letting her come in for a one off treatment Best Wishes.

Mrs G. Brighton, East Sussex

Very caring and helpful to me as a blind 93 year old. Thank you for your understanding. I will certainly recommend you.

Mrs R. Brighton, East Sussex

Have always been treated efficiently and in a friendly and understanding manner

Mrs E. Hove, East Sussex

Very impressed with Dr Jose incredibly thorough and knowledgeable. Very pleased I picked this practice!

Mr J, Angmering, Littlehampton

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist since I was a small child. I was reassured by my experience and the care I received from my dentist and all the staff.

Mrs T, Seaford, East Sussex

The staff and dentist were fantastic accommodating me and my baby.

Mrs M Cook, Hove, East Sussex

I had a bad experience years ago and haven’t enjoyed the dentist since. This was the opposite, it was a relaxed, friendly and informative experience. The dentist was fantastic. Overall I am very impressed. I will be singing my son up to the children’s dental plan.

Mr T, Hove, East Sussex

José is by far THE B-E-S-T dentist I’ve ever been to, after years of being completely petrified of needles I now finally have some comfort and have had the most positive experience ever that I’ve waited so many years for. So grateful, massive thank you José!! You are fabulous

Miss M, Portslade, East Sussex

It was my most pleasant visit to a dentist!

Mrs LJ, Hove, East Sussex

I first heard about this practice whilst out in New York via a recommendation from a close friend of mine who has a place nearby the practice and what a beautiful part of the world being by the seaside it is located and Wow – those amazing dental awards have done this dental practice proud and very well deserved too. Simply superb! Something so very very rare to see a dental practice take so much pride in absolutely EVERYTHING they do, yes EVERYTHING ! Thats why travelling from London to this superb place is not an issue for me at all when it comes to looking after my teeth. I also love coming here for the high-end sophisticated technology and high-end treatment though not forgetting the absolutely stunning quality which is more like a high end boutique SPA than a dentist – it really is ! My PA had initially dealt with my first booking and reserved a parking space which I was informed patients could do. Just before arriving my driver telephoned concierge and within moments the electronic gate to this stunning property opened up, we drove into total seclusion and I was greeted with the warmest of smiles by a member of their front desk, all smartly dressed in a beautiful uniform. Something I was only used to when arriving at airports or hotels.

What I also loved about the team at this practice was that they treated me like no other patient. It was wonderful to see and how utterly respectful each and everyone was to literally everyone who came through the door. I watched and listened in complete admiration as this was something I was not that used too but loved it. Fussing over me is something I always dread when arriving somewhere although never mentioned it to anyone at the practice but as my dearest close friend who recommended me assured me of – and yes they were so right – I was treated no differently to any other patient and that truly made my day.

Twentyonedental is by far the most exquisite practice with a really genuinely warm and friendly team. Having visited practices in Harley Street, London whilst being pleasant are far from the true warmth and genuine approach taken here at twentyonedental. I felt like I was with friends/family. Quite simply an excellent practice beyond anyone’s expectations. The team is so very friendly and professional. Being under Dr Asani’s care, my teeth are healthier and I have great confidence in smiling. He is a true professional and a real gentleman with complete integrity in what he does. I would like to thank absolutely everyone at the practice in making my time so very pleasant, warm and so caring too not forgetting the great banter we had. This is certainly not your typical “I am scared to go to dentist” experience. Quite the opposite infact. Highly recommended and a practice I will be staying with without question. Dr Asani you are an absolute star including your truly amazing team and shall look forward to seeing you all when I’m back from LA ! In concluding, I must say the I very rarely provide testimonials unless they are exceptional in my eyes. Keep up the exquisite work Twentyonedental. You’re all genuine “stars” rather than those with whom I must mingle with when overseas and generally!

Patient, Hampstead, London

From the minute the doorbell is answered you feel like you are being taken care of. Everything is clean and modern. They even have TV’s on the ceilings to take your mind off what your doing. I have recommended friends there who have been afraid of dentists and after they have seen Dr Adyl Asani they never look back. A great place with fab people.

S B, Hove, East Sussex

Outstanding facilities, knowledge and care from the team at Twenty One Dental! Can’t fault them on anything! Friendly service, great advice and a non barbaric dentistry approach that has given me a result that has exceeded that of many other dentists. Great work all round!! Highly recommend!

Mr T S, East Sussex

Great service, friendly staff – especially good for nervous patients. Would definitely recommend.

G S, Sussex

I arrived in Brighton two years ago and have tried two local dentists before yours. I wish that I had come straight to you as your service is head and shoulders above others.

Mrs DJ, Hove, East Sussex

Can’t praise the service at Twenty One Dental enough. Going to the dentist is never fun but from the moment you arrive every step is personalised, professional and comfortable. Sure it may cost a bit more but the extra quality is worth it and why compromise on healthy teeth. I won’t ever go anywhere else.

Mr S L, Sussex

Adyl and his team provide a first class service. The practice is modern, friendly and very welcoming. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

J R A, Sussex

Had my first two fillings (ever) today and was made to feel really comfortable. Great friendly service and worth the money! Thank you.

I O, Brighton, East Sussex

Attentive, polite, professional and thorough. The best dentist we’ve ever had.

P A, Brighton

Amazing experience – it was 3rd of 3 root canal treatments. Virtually pain free, Nikoletta and nurse friendly and super professional and skilled. TV in ceiling makes time fly by. I’d almost describe it as a pleasant experience!

MS CT – Hove, East Sussex

The best dental practice I have been too. The dentist I go to, Mr Asani, is wonderful and so is the hygienist. The staff are friendly and helpful and always make me a coffee when I go in. There is also a rest room if you feel you need a little time to recover after treatment and again you can have another coffee. Thankyou, Twenty One Dental.

A W, Sussex

Being rather nervous of going to the dentist, it was lovely to be put at my ease straightaway. Adyl and his team are friendly, calm and professional. Great treatment too, my mouth was in a bit of a state, but is now healthy due to their care. Wonderful team, highly recommended, worth every penny.

Mrs W, Brighton, East Sussex

Very clean, professional and inviting practice. Cannot fault the team, they’re professional and attentive from the moment you walk through the door. I had 2 crowns done (over 4 hours in the chair over 2 session) and was always kept in the loop, felt almost no pain and watched Netflix the entire time.
I would highly recommend.

R B, Sussex

An unbelievably modern and sophisticated practice and I am terrified of the dentist but was so impressed by the new methods that I had never seen before and the gentle approach of the dentist – totally revolutionised my impression and previous experiences of dental treatment and I am over 50 ! I had several fillings and an implant that needed rescrewing etc and this was the most painless and incredibly postive dental experience I have ever had and I have lived in three countries including Germany whose dental practices are very sophisticated but the approach is so clinical and inhuman. Twenty One Dental deserves another award for its marvellous dentists and nurses who take all your concerns and nerves into account – would highly recommend this practice.

D C, Sussex

I was very impressed at quality of service and attitude of the staff.

Mr D, Hove, East Sussex

Really knowledgeable and friendly people. They aim to offer the best care but without overselling you.

S M, Sussex

I attended my first session as a new patient with you today, and wanted to say a big thank you to Dr Neil Evans and Katy. I am a very nervous patient but they were very understanding and made me feel completely at ease. I have always hated going to the dentist but now look forward to my next appointment! I will certainly be recommending Twenty One Dental to my friends and family.

Miss G, Hove, East Sussex

Dr Adyl and his team are fantastic, all the staff are so welcoming and friendly. The service they give is second to none and the time which is taken to explain everything that is being/needed to be done made it all the less daunting. When you have such good customer service like this it makes you realise just how important it is.

Ms K, Hove, East Sussex

TwentyOneDental is so reassuring. My daughter was nervous but was treated with real tact by all.

Ms B, Hove, East Sussex

Really happy with the outcome of my treatment to date. Excellent results, thank you!

Mrs M, Hove, East Sussex

The nicest dental team and practice I have ever come across.

Mrs M, Hove, East Sussex

I was really scared today. Thank you to Dr Evans and his assistant for being so kind and understanding.

Miss D, Hove, East Sussex

One of my front teeth crumbled and I was so upset. TwentyOneDental fixed my tooth the same day and made me smile again! I can’t thank you enough. It was a lovely experience at your surgery. I felt relaxed and looked after!

Ms D, Brighton, East Sussex

First visit for myself and my two children. I completely understand now why my wife raves about your practice and customer service. Almost looking forward to going back!

Mr S, Hove, East Sussex

Went to Twenty One Dental this morning for my hygienist appointment and I am free from any fears of the dentist/hygienist. Eamon did an amazing job keeping me calm. No fear here anymore thank you TwentyOneDental you are the best. Thank you to Adyl Asani for his patience with me too.
Mrs H, Hove, East Sussex
I can’t rate Cristina highly enough. She’s absolutely brilliant both clinically and personally, and has turned me from a nervy patient into an enthusiastic one! TwentyOneDental is unlike any Dentist I’ve ever been to, in fact in all the right ways it feels nothing like a Dentist. It’s a truly uplifting experience, where you feel genuinely valued and cared for. We own a health centre, and know that delivering a beautiful calming environment, friendly and efficient reception team and an outstanding clinical experience is a rare thing that takes a lot of work. However, that is my experience of TwentyOneDental, well done and thank you!

Mrs F, Worthing, West Sussex

I’m always very impressed with the service of all staff. Thank you

Ms R, Hove, East Sussex

I felt reassured, confident and motivated after my hygienist appointment with Eamon. I am so relieved to finally find a hygienist who I trust and will look forward to seeing again. Thank you so very much.

Ms M, Hove, East Sussex

Excellent dentist the best I’ve ever been to. All the staff where lovely and very welcoming and the standard of the dentist is clearly very high and thinks of every detail for. Customers and the service provided.

Dr H, Worthing, West Sussex

I was very impressed by the whole experience and the premises. Everyone was professional and friendly. I really felt I was in safe hands.

Mrs F, Southwick, East Sussex

Having not visited any Dentist for the past 5 years I was a little trepidatious; but I needn’t have worried. Dr Evans and the team were meticulous in their assessment and explained the options and associated pricing clearly. Despite the work required, I’m actually looking forward to my next visit!

Mr W, Hove, East Sussex

It is always great to come down. Environment is lovely and welcoming, staff are amazing and I think I may have finally been converted after hiding from my previous dentist for years. Thank you for always providing such a great service.

Mr Smith, Hassocks, East Sussex

Well done for all the hard work in setting up such a brilliant place, couldn’t rate it higher! Outstanding all round, all businesses should learn from you!

Miss K, Hove, East Sussex

I was made to feel extremely welcome by each member of staff. Previously I have had experiences of dentist making me a little nervous before my visit this instantly went away when greeted by the Dentist and his assistant. They took the time to understand my issues and concerns and made feel extremely valued. Overall experience has been fantastic, great team with exceptional customer care.

Miss K, Hove, East Sussex

Very nice service. I was very worried about the visit too, but the whole team made me feel at ease, so thank you. Will recommend to friends and family.

Mr M, Steyning, West Sussex

Thank you. I had a new, pleasant and excellent Dental experience that I have never experienced elsewhere before.

Mr S, Brighton, East Sussex

I expected a telling off about my teeth as I’d had a dreadful summer with a bereavement etc. But the hygienist was very kind and just gently reinforced. I was impressed!!!

Mrs J, Hove, East Sussex

You are the best Dentist I have ever been to… true. Also kind and friendly. I feel very confident about the care given.

Mrs C, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

My teeth have never been better, lovely treatment and service.

Mrs M, Brighton, East Sussex

I had some quite intensive dental work done, and as ever, it was a pleasure. I have never said that about my previous dental experience before coming here!

Mrs R, Hove, East Sussex

I am so happy with the treatment I had today. There was quite a bit of work, yet nothing was a problem. Adyl, you’re the best!

Mrs J, Hove, East Sussex

As clients of Twenty One Dental, my wife and I have been absolutely delighted with the service, standard and care provided. Twenty One Dental is by far the best Dental surgery we have ever been clients of. The staff are never anything less than professional and above all else, friendly and reassuring. The surgery itself is impeccable in its design and cleanliness and makes for a relaxing environment more akin to a boutique hotel than a dental surgery.
I would highly recommend Dr Asani and his team at Twenty One Dental to anyone looking for a professional, friendly and stress free experience of dental healthcare.

Mr A, Hove, East Sussex

Very well looked after, comfortable surroundings and helpful staff. Looking forward to my next visit, not many people say that about a trip to the dentist.

Mr C, Brighton, East Sussex

Highest praise I can give is I used to hate going to the dentist but since joining TwentyOneDental I actually look forward to it!

Mr R, Hove, East Sussex

Pain free and a relaxed experience

Mr B, Hove, East Sussex

Always a really pleasant experience, which is saying something about going to the dentist! I always feel the staff genuinely care and want to make it a good experience, asking questions, explaining what’s going on and generally making me feel comfortable.

Ms L, Hove, East Sussex

As always an outstanding service. Amazing, I love coming to the dentist.

Mr D, Hove, East Sussex

The treatment I have received at TwentyOneDental has been by far the best that I have every experienced anywhere. I am very nervous and they are so good at putting me at ease and making sure I am happy throughout. I am so impressed and have recommended them to all my friends.

Mrs A, Steyning, West Sussex

Absolutely amazing service, Cristina fitted me in within a week as I was made of honor at a wedding, so I felt so great on the day after the pain free treatment. Hats off . Have no fear of the dentist now and am looking forward to the next stage of treatment.

Ms D, Brighton, East Sussex

Thank you so much for all of your professional care and attention, and for making me smile again!

Mr A, Margate, Kent

The best dentist I have ever been to. The staff are so kind and caring, Mr Asani is a marvellous dentist, and yesterday after a visit to TwentyOneDental my toothache was taken away after 3 months of pain. I highly recommend the practice.

Mrs W, Brighton, East Sussex