Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Providing sedation and gentle dentistry for nervous patients who need treatment

We understand that the prospect of having any form of dental treatment can be daunting. Whether down to a negative past experience, a fear of needles or fear of discomfort, we do all we can to make your treatment as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Our dedicated team are here to talk through any worries you have about your treatment, whether you’re nervous about coming for your first check-up in a few years or about more involved treatment such as having your wisdom teeth removed. Give us a call on 01273 202 102 or chat to us on our website live chat service. Don’t let the nerves get in the way of your healthy smile.

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Is dental phobia common?

Around one in five people in the UK are afraid of visiting the dentist. It’s an incredibly common anxiety that many people share. That’s why at TwentyOneDental, we go above and beyond in making the experience as relaxing and comfortable as possible. From the moment you enter our clinic, we’ll tend to your needs and help put any worries you have at ease.

If you need to visit for treatment, you are always welcome to choose music from our own in-house library or if you prefer, you can always bring along headphones and listen to music - even watch a film. For any treatments that involve surgery, we always use local anaesthetic to numb the area and ensure you feel no discomfort. Many patients come away wondering what they were worried about in the first place.

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What is sedation and who undertakes this?

At TwentyOneDental, we have a dedicated in-house specialist surgeon specifically trained to providing sedation as an option for nervous patients, promising a relaxing and comfortable experience while in the dental chair. If you need to have any form of oral surgery or dental work, whether it’s an extraction, a filling or having implants fitted, you can have sedation before the treatment to help you relax and stay calm throughout the procedure. We have a dedicated recovery suite following sedation where you are able to relax in a quiet, softly lit suite, listening to soft music overseen by our in-house sedation specialist and clinical support team.

An IV line placed in a vein will regulate the dose of the sedative we use to put you in a relaxed state. While under the influence of the sedatives, you will still remain lucid and will be able to answer questions and follow instructions. The effects of the sedation will last longer than the treatment so it is crucial that someone you trust, a friend or family member, accompanies you to the clinic and remains with you until the effects wear off.

Other than helping you relax, sedation also affects your memory. You may come away from the treatment having no recollection of the surgery.

Throughout the whole time you are in a sedative state, we monitor your oxygen levels and responses, keeping you safe and comfortable at all times.

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What can you use sedation for?

Sedation is ideal for reducing anxiety during a dental procedure. It can also be used if you have a particularly sensitive gag reflex. We use sedation commonly for procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and placing implants.

How long do the sedatives last?

The sedatives will last long after your treatment so it is important that you don’t do anything unsupervised at least for the rest of the day. Make sure you don’t operate any machinery or are left to your own devices. The sedatives will affect your ability to make any rational decisions and you could accidentally put yourself at risk.

Does sedation make you sleepy?

While the sedation will make your drowsy for a while, it doesn’t put you to sleep during the procedure. We will need you to be lucid and awake.

Will I be able to work the next day?

Everyone is different with how long the drugs last. You may prefer to take the following day off work in case you feel drowsy the next day. If you do still feel the effects, don’t drive.

Will sedation affect any medication I am taking?

It depends. Some medications will be fine, but some can have side effects. We will need to know what medication you are on before we agree to use sedation. We will also need to know of any allergies or existing medical conditions.

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