When Are Invisible Braces A Good Choice?

Posted by: Twentyonedental Admin Posted 13/04/2021

Braces can be made of metal, porcelain, or medical-grade plastic, as is the case of Invisalign. A dentist may recommend Invisalign invisible braces for certain patients: – People with an active lifestyle or involved in contact sports, as the aligners can be removed to avoid injury. – Teenagers who may have confidence issues when wearing…

Need to Know: Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Posted by: Twentyonedental Admin Posted 07/04/2021

If there isn’t enough room for your wisdom teeth to emerge, they may become stuck under the gumline. Key takeaways: – Signs of impaction or infection include pain, swelling, bleeding around the area or bad breath. – Partially impacted wisdom teeth are more difficult to clean and so more prone to infection. – Impacted wisdom…

What Are the Causes of Jaw Popping?

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 31/03/2021

Problems with one or both temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can result in jaw popping. A dentist can recommend treatment for jaw popping, helping to alleviate any resulting discomfort or pain. Key takeaways: – Besides a TMJ disorder, jaw popping can be caused by habits such as teeth grinding and chewing fingernails. – A dentist may recommend…

Will Tooth Sensitivity Go Away?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 25/03/2021

Tooth sensitivity can occur briefly after some dental procedures. Tooth sensitivity due to enamel damage will not go away on its own and you may experience pain when consuming hot or cold items. Key takeaways: – Regular dental check-ups allow your dentist to check the condition of enamel. – A dentist can assess the cause…

How a Dentist Can Help to Quit Smoking

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 18/03/2021

It is widely accepted that giving up cigarettes is not easy and any assistance in doing so is to be welcomed. An unlikely source of support in quitting the habit is the dentist, as they are often the first to notice oral problems caused by smoking. When trying to quit smoking the dentist can assist…

Cavities: The Basics

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 11/03/2021

A cavity is simply a hole in the tooth where the tooth enamel is damaged. A dentist usually fills the cavity to prevent further dental problems. Key takeaways: – Cavities are preventable and regular check-ups can help detect any problems early on. – Avoid smoking and follow a healthy diet. – Brush teeth twice a…

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