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What Situations Can Lead to Oral Cancer?

We are all aware that seeing a dentist is important in terms of preventing cavities and gum disease. However, did you know that it might also be possible to detect the early signs of oral cancer? What are three causes of this potentially serious condition? Those who regularly use tobacco are at a higher risk…

Posted 22/01/2020

Will a Dental Implant Become Crooked or Discoloured?

Even though dental implants are excellent when you need to replace one or more teeth, will they really hold up over time? Do you have to be concerned about issues such as an implant changing colour or becoming crooked? Let’s look at three important takeaway points. A professionally placed implant should remain firmly in place….

Posted 15/01/2020

Could I Need Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal procedure preserves your natural tooth as the dentist will remove decay and infection from inside the tooth and seal it back up. Signs that you may need root canal treatment include: – A discoloured, cracked or chipped tooth as it may be damaged on the inside. – A painful swelling near a…

Posted 07/01/2020

Reasons Not To Ignore A Damaged Tooth

Although we might be tempted to postpone a visit to the dentist after experiencing tooth damage, this isn’t a good idea and here are some reasons why. Key takeaways: Bacteria can begin to accumulate inside a damaged tooth and cause infection. The inside of your teeth can be affected, which may require root canal therapy….

Posted 03/01/2020

The Main Benefits Of Modern Braces

If you need orthodontic treatment and you’ve always thought that braces are uncomfortable and unsightly, it may be time to learn how modern braces can benefit your teeth. Key takeaways: Brackets and wires are made of advanced materials that involve less pain and a faster adjustment time. Clear aligners are very discreet and they are…

Posted 17/12/2019

Saving a Broken Tooth

Though it may seem unlikely even a badly damaged tooth may not be beyond repairing. Any tooth that has been chipped, cracked or even broken can potentially be saved but only if the dentist is consulted as soon as possible.  Most minor damage can be repaired with a dental crown and this simple dental procedure…

Posted 12/12/2019

How To Treat Uneven Gumline

Having too much or too little gum tissue may affect the appearance of your teeth and smile. Here’s how this issue can be treated. Key takeaway: Gum contouring can be done to remove excess gum tissue covering the teeth. Gum reshaping works best if you were born with uneven gums. As for gum recession, gum…

Posted 04/12/2019

True Cost of Missed Dental Check-ups

Skipping a check-up at the dentist may seem trivial but it may end up costing more than just the cost of the missed appointment. Check-ups give the dentist an opportunity to thoroughly examine the condition of the teeth, gums and underlying bone for any imminent or potential problems.  Leaving too long a gap between check-ups…

Posted 27/11/2019

The Key Benefits Of Partial Dentures

Although many people opt for dental implants when replacing missing teeth, partial dentures can be a solution that’s just as effective and comfortable. Here are some benefits you should know about: They’re a non-invasive dental treatment that doesn’t require surgery. Modern dentures look like natural teeth and are comfortable to wear. Partial dentures can also…

Posted 20/11/2019

Is It Gum Or Tooth Sensitivity?

Whether you have sensitive teeth or sensitive gums, there are minor differences you need to be aware of before seeking treatment.  Key takeaway: Gum sensitivity is caused by gingivitis while tooth sensitivity can be caused by tooth fractures, cracks or cavities. Gum sensitivity causes the gums to be swollen and tender while tooth sensitivity causes…

Posted 15/11/2019

Foods to Avoid To Protect Your Smile

Certain food types can be harmful to your teeth and cause problems ranging from enamel erosion to decay. Here are the top three food types to avoid, or to eat in moderation: Key takeaways: Caramels and frozen foods, because they can damage fillings or other dental work and can get between the teeth, causing cavities….

Posted 07/11/2019

Exciting Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry involves a laser beam for a wide range of treatment and cosmetic dental procedures: – Laser dentistry can remove damaged gum tissue, remove gum tissue to allow wisdom teeth extraction, treat oral tumours and also cosmetic applications such as teeth whitening. – Benefits of laser treatment include there being no need for anaesthesia…

Posted 29/10/2019

How Sealants are Used to Prevent Tooth Decay

Some teeth are more prone to decay than others; this is why some dentists advise getting a sealant: – Teeth with a chewing surface (the back molars) contain grooves to aid grinding of food; it can be difficult to clean these grooves sufficiently. – The dentist can apply a dental sealant to these teeth to…

Posted 23/10/2019

Do You Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves a number of dental procedures and may be deemed necessary for patients with serious dental issues. Full reconstruction may include anything from simple fillings to implants, crowns, dental bridges and more or a combination of these.  A dentist will only consider full mouth reconstruction for suitable candidates such as those who:…

Posted 16/10/2019

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Do you snore? Do you wake up with a headache or dry mouth? Are you constantly struggling to concentrate and suffer from daytime sleepiness? If so, you may have obstructive sleep apnoea. This serious sleep disorder causes pauses in breathing that can occur hundreds of times a night, jolting you awake without you realising. Chronic…

Posted 09/10/2019

Tooth Fairy Gifts That Teach Children Something Valuable

At around age 5, children begin to lose their baby teeth. Receiving a visit from the tooth fairy can be a chance for parents to teach good habits right from the start. Key takeaways: –  The tooth fairy can leave a hand-written letter with a reminder to brush and floss. –  Reinforce the link between…

Posted 01/10/2019

All About Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Teeth grinding involves a clenched jaw, and usually occurs while asleep. It can be caused by stress, misaligned teeth, certain medications or eating disorders: – If left untreated, teeth grinding can wear down the protective tooth enamel, resulting in sensitivity. – Symptoms include headaches, facial pain, earache and temporomandibular joint problems; people often don’t know…

Posted 26/09/2019

Electronic Cigarettes (aka Vaping) Linked to Gum Damage

Whether or not electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes is still a topic of hot debate. But it seems that the nicotine flavouring and other chemicals in e-cigs may be just as damaging to gums. This comes from University of Rochester research which compared the effects of e-cig vapours on non-smokers’ gums. The…

Posted 16/09/2019

Habits Which Harm Teeth and What to Do About Them

There are habits we pick up which can do harm to our teeth and gums. The positive news is there are ways to adjust our behaviour to cut out these habits. Key takeaways: Brushing teeth too hard can harm them, so you should brush gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Grinding teeth can be damaging and…

Posted 11/09/2019

How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

Have you spoken with your dentist about sensitive teeth? This is a common issue and it can be caused by numerous situations. However, you also have a handful of worthwhile treatment options at your disposal. Let us look at three suggestions to keep in mind. Try to cut down on the amount of acidic foods…

Posted 03/09/2019

Why You Should Remember to Clean Your Tongue

Twice daily teeth brushing, daily flossing, and regular dentist check-ups are essential for good oral care — helping your overall well-being, too. The tongue should also be cleaned as part of a healthier mouth. Key takeaways: A tongue which is not often cleaned leads to a low oxygen environment where bacteria can thrive. You can…

Posted 28/08/2019

Preventing Dental Problems As You Grow Older

In senior years, our teeth and mouth require extra care to make sure they remain functional and in good health. Key takeaways: Prevent dry mouth and you’ll reduce the chances of developing tooth decay. Do this by limiting your sugar intake and drinking plenty of water. Invest in an electric toothbrush if you have arthritis…

Posted 20/08/2019

Get Your Kids’ Teeth Ready For The New School Year

The back-to-school period is the perfect time to make sure your children’s teeth and mouth are in good shape. Below are some easy-to-follow suggestions: Key takeaways: – Get enough toothbrushes, fluoride paste, and floss to last through the year while you shop for school supplies. – Ask your child’s dentist about mouth guards, especially if…

Posted 14/08/2019

Easy Ways to Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy

Now that oral health has been shown to impact your overall health, it’s even more important to keep your mouth in good condition: – As well as brushing twice daily with soft-bristled toothbrush, floss once a day as well to ensure all trapped food particles are removed. – Antibacterial mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine can reduce plaque…

Posted 08/08/2019

Can a Pacifier Impact My Child’s Oral Health?

Pacifiers used over a long period of time can have a detrimental effect on your child’s oral health. Talk with a child-friendly dentist for advice on how best to use a pacifier. Key takeaways: – Lengthy use of a pacifier can alter the shape of the mouth, in particular the roof of the mouth. –…

Posted 30/07/2019

Why Choose Composite Fillings?

If one of more of your teeth are affected by decay, composite fillings can help restore your smile without being as noticeable as amalgam fillings. Key takeaways: – They are made taking into account the colour of your teeth for a natural-looking result. – They are a treatment option to restore both front and back…

Posted 23/07/2019

Why Snoring Should Not Be Ignored

Snoring can be embarrassing to many and annoying to partners. Yet snoring should not be ignored, especially if you have a feeling of being constantly tired during the day. This could point to a disorder called sleep apnoea, for which loud snoring is the main symptom. Sleep apnoea occurs when the airways become obstructed while…

Posted 17/07/2019

5 Things To Appreciate When Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

A baby’s teeth need caring for to help the development of their future permanent teeth. Once the first teeth appear around the age of 6 months you should brush them twice a day, using a dot size of baby-friendly toothpaste. Key takeaways: – Even before the first teeth emerge, you can clean the gums using…

Posted 11/07/2019

How Can Cosmetic Dental Treatments Benefit You?

Cosmetic dental procedures are always in demand due to the multiple benefits they offer. Here are some of the most popular treatments and their advantages. Key takeaways: – Dental veneers can dramatically improve the appearance of cracked, chipped, deeply discoloured or uneven teeth. – Braces and aligners can straighten your teeth and are usually inexpensive….

Posted 02/07/2019

The Threat to Overall Health from Dental Emergencies

In a rare occasion, you can experience a dental emergency which requires immediate attention. By not seeking treatment straight away it risks further serious health problems. Key takeaways: – An infection is one of the possible reasons for intense pain in a tooth or in the jaw. – Bleeding which cannot be halted, even after…

Posted 26/06/2019

10 Useful Tips to Prevent Bad Breath

Most people will suffer with bad breath from time to time, but for some it can be a persistent problem. This may be due to an ineffective oral care routine or another health problem such as diabetes. Key takeaways: – Ensure you brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily and maintain regular dentist check-ups….

Posted 19/06/2019

The Causes and Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

Pain is a sign you’ve got a dental problem, possibly a cracked tooth. It’s important to visit your dentist to prevent further complications. Key takeaways: Symptoms of a cracked tooth include pain when chewing, swollen gums, sensitivity and discomfort around the teeth. You can crack a tooth with an impact injury, biting too hard on…

Posted 11/06/2019

Common Dental Problems Among Senior Citizens

A lifetime of chewing and grinding results in wear and tear of the teeth. Treating dental problems early will prevent chronic health issues as a senior. Key takeaways: Gingivitis – Gum disease damages the bone around the teeth. This usually leads to tooth loss. Tooth decay and sensitivity – Older adults also get affected by…

Posted 04/06/2019

Treat New Fillings Gently

Once firmly set, teeth with fillings can be treated the same as your other teeth — but care is needed when fillings are new. The compounds used by the dentist require time to fully harden and this can often take a few weeks to do. Immediately following a filling care should be taken to: Brush…

Posted 28/05/2019

Common Causes Of A Receding Gumline

When gums recede, they pull away from teeth. A receding gumline increases your risk of several oral and dental conditions, including gum disease and tooth loss. Here’s an overview of the most common causes of receding gums. Key takeaways: –  Brushing your teeth and flossing too harshly. –  Teeth grinding can damage both the enamel…

Posted 28/05/2019

How Can You Tell if Acid Reflux Disease is Affecting Your Teeth?

Acid reflux disease can slowly erode the enamel of your teeth and cause serious oral health issues. This occurs when stomach acids are pushed up into the esophagus and even into the mouth. It’s wise to know the associated warning signs. What do you need to look out for in advance so you will know…

Posted 28/05/2019

Oral Bacteria and Cancer Concerns

The presence of certain kinds of oral bacteria can have more serious results than just gum disease. Bacteria are necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy. But too much of the wrong types have been linked to serious medical issues including pancreatic cancer. This is because the oral bacteria can migrate into the body and…

Posted 28/05/2019

Tips to Help Make Flossing a Daily Habit

Making flossing a daily habit is one of the best habits you could have. When you do not floss you miss out on cleaning around 35% of your teeth surfaces, increasing the risk of more time required at the dentist. Key takeaways: Choose a memorable time of the day as a trigger for flossing, such…

Posted 28/05/2019

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth and are considering a dental implant, you should consult with your dentist to see if you are a suitable candidate. The implant is fused in to the jaw and the gums will need to be relatively healthy to proceed. Key takeaways: – A dental implant is an artificial replacement…

Posted 28/05/2019

Taking Care of Mouthguards

Like any protective equipment, mouthguards need to be looked after in order to function properly. When not in use, mouthguards should be kept clean and dry and there are some important maintenance tips that should be followed: – Always rinse after use with toothbrush and toothpaste – Clean regularly with cool or lukewarm soapy water…

Posted 28/05/2019

The Advantages of Early Orthodontics in Children

If your child has dental problems like crowded teeth or protruding front teeth, early orthodontic work may be beneficial: – Orthodontic work in children age 6 or 7 is effective because the jaw is still developing; it can encourage adult teeth to come through in the optimal position. – Early orthodontics could prevent braces in…

Posted 28/05/2019

How are Food, Drink and Tooth Decay Linked?

We love a juicy orange, but did you know citrus fruits can harm your teeth? Also, those who regularly drink soda are more likely to encounter problems with their teeth. While there is no doubt that dissolved sugars play a very important role, what other factors could play a role in tooth decay? Let’s look…

Posted 28/05/2019

Uses of Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an important aid in identifying underlying problems with teeth and gums. The low level of radiation generated produces a picture of the inside of teeth, gums, and bone which can be interpreted by the dentist. Most commonly, X-rays are used when certain dental conditions are suspected but need confirmation. The most common…

Posted 28/05/2019

Could Oral Inflammation Impact Long-Term Cognition?

It now seems that the health of our teeth and gums can have an impact upon our long-term cognitive abilities. This is because mouth bacteria can travel in the bloodstream. What has research found and why should you be sure to regularly visit your dentist? –  Oral bacteria seems to bypass the blood-brain barrier. – …

Posted 28/05/2019