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Are There Any Options Besides a Root Canal?

There are times when a root canal may be required if one or more teeth has been severely damaged (such as through an injury or an infection). However, you might also be able to leverage other treatments in order to address the issue within a short period of time. Three alternatives include: It might be…

Posted 02/04/2020

Learn About Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth

The third molars at the back of the mouth are known as wisdom teeth, and they are the last teeth to emerge during the teen years. If there isn’t enough room for them to emerge they remain partially erupted. Key takeaways: – This means that most or all of the tooth remains below the gum…

Posted 26/03/2020

Why Should I Keep Using My Retainer Forever?

Most people will need to wear a retainer full-time for around a year after having their teeth realigned through orthodontic treatment. However, your dentist will also recommend continued use of a retainer beyond this period. Key takeaways: Teeth can shift throughout your life and this can be magnified for those who have orthodontic treatment. After…

Posted 20/03/2020

Are Poor Genes to Blame for Poor Dental Health?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Although genetics plays a part in dental health, environmental factors are as important: – Lifestyle choices such as a high-sugar diet, smoking and oral hygiene all affect your dental health as much as genetics. – Those who are more at risk of tooth decay or gum disease due to their genes can…

Posted 12/03/2020

Why You Might Be Suffering From TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder can cause different symptoms in different people, a reason why people suffer from this condition for years without being fully aware of it.  To help, we have rounded up three main warning signs that are often disregarded. Key takeaways: Finger tingling and numbness might be as a result of a TMJ disorder….

Posted 04/03/2020

When To Get Braces For Your Child

When should my child get braces? What is the right age to begin treatment with dental braces? These are all questions that parents ask once they notice unusual symptoms in their child’s mouth. Well, here’s all you need to know about getting braces for your little one. Key takeaway: Take your child for their first…

Posted 28/02/2020

Urgent Dental Problems

Loose fillings or chipped teeth will need to be seen to by a dentist but these are minor issues in the greater scheme of things and can wait for a convenient appointment. Some dental problems need urgent attention and delaying treatment will only see the situation decline and treatment become more complicated.  There are no…

Posted 20/02/2020