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Dental Tourism: Is It Worth The Risk?

Dental tourism or ‘dental holidays’ are often presented as a cheap and hassle-free alternative to getting treatment in the U.K.

A recent study by dental charity, Safe Smiles, has found that going abroad for ‘cheaper’ treatment can be regrettably more costly in the long run.

What are the main reasons patients are travelling abroad for dental treatment?

  • Many patients who are travelling abroad are wanting more advanced (higher cost) procedures which are more likely to result in complications.
  • Those travelling abroad believe that private dentistry in the UK is not affordable. However, this is based on an assumption.
  • If complications do arise once you are home, it will not always be easy to return to the clinic which provided the treatment, especially if there is an infection.
  • In some instances, patients returning back to U.K are now facing bills of £10,000 to correct poor quality dental work.
  • Procedures such as crowns, bridges, veneers and dental implants are not easily, or quickly carried out. Expertise and timing are essential!
  • Safe Smiles concluded that more than a quarter of patients travelling abroad did not feel like they received the follow-up care they needed, whilst a further 18% reported complications.

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