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Our commitment to you

At TwentyOneDental, our clinicians pride themselves in providing outstanding patient care and are wholly committed to providing high quality treatment.

This is why TwentyOneDental support with confidence with “our commitment to you” statement by providing a guarantee* of 12 months in the unlikely event any treatment should fail (on a technical basis) and which is considered necessary to be followed up. Treatment meeting “our commitment to you” criteria will be covered financially.

This includes Invisalign/Six Month Smiles components (specific to fixed retainers only). Following an examination, if it is found that exclusions (below) apply then our usual clinician’s fees will be payable by you.


If you find treatment needs replacing within 12 months of being performed, you will not be charged for your replacement, except in the following circumstances:

  • Failure to follow treatment instructions and/or lack of instructed oral health care
  • Following treatment another person has carried out treatment on the tooth and/or area in question
  • Any problem identified and recommended by us at the time of treatment but was not taken up
  • Treatment was undertaken as a temporary measure
  • It is deemed unsuitable to provide an exact replacement
  • The issue developed as a result of trauma
  • Where any additional treatment was advised prior to treatment taking place and was not taken up by the patient (for example, bone grafting prior to implant treatment being performed)