Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Embrace the future of dentistry with Digital Smile Design and Same Day Dentistry

At TwentyOneDental, our ethos is to put our patients first and deliver the very best experience at our clinic. That’s why we’ve invested in cutting-edge digital technology that enhances the experience, improves our standard of treatment expontentially and delivers the highest quality results in the shortest time.

We have a fully operational digital dental laboratory on site, meaning that we can take accurate 3D scans at our practice and make computer-guided ceramic restorations under the same roof.

Models and wax-ups are a thing of the past with Digital Smile Design. Using our Trios 3D intraoral cameras, we no longer have to use alginate moulds to take impressions of your teeth. Instead, we use digital impressions which are wonderfully versatile and we can achieve much with these digital scans and photos. With our dental suite software and digital displays, we can show you the scans and reveal just what results you can expect from your treatment at the chairside.

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Preview your smile before the treatment begins

With Digital Smile Design, you have a say in your treatment. We take photos of your smile before treatment and use our software to show how you’ll look with your improved smile. Whether you wish to have your smile whitened, straightened or completely transformed, you can have a chance to digitally try before you buy. There are many different looks that we can aim for with veneers and bonding so we give you a chance to choose what design you feel suits you best.

From the screen into reality on the same day

With our cutting edge 3Shape Milling unit, we have full use of CAD/CAM technology which uses the scans we have of your teeth to accurately generate restorations in a single sitting. We design the veneers, crowns and bridges at the clinic, then the computer-guided unit turns the digital image into a very life-like restoration.

What used to take days now takes hours. We then colour match your new teeth to your desired shade, polish, and invite you back into the clinic to have them fitted. All in a single day.

Streamlining treatment with Digital 3D scans

Thanks to the advances in digital dentistry, we cut back on a lot of time in treatment that was wasted on posting moulds to dental labs and waiting for them to make the restorations off site. With our cameras, no uncomfortable impression taking. If there’s a mistake, we can just delete the file and try again. There’s no wastage.

Your dental treatment will be more precise, more comfortable and kinder to the environment.

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Our Digital Laboratory at TwentyOneDental

Explore our digital laboratory and see for yourself what the future of dentistry looks like at our clinic.

Intraoral camera

Our Trios 3D intraoral camera captures data in real-time. It’s incredibly non-invasive and a comfort to patients who worry about a sensitive gag reflex. It not only creates 3D scans that can be use across a multitude of treatments, but allows you to see what we see on the linked up display.

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CAD/CAM milling unit

Our 3Shape Ceramic milling unit carves your veneer, crown or bridge from a block of ceramic. The unit is computer-guided and incredibly precise. On-site, we can mill ceramic restorations on a single day, ensuring you leave our clinic with a beautifully complete smile on the same day.

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3D CBCT scanner

We can compare 3D X-rays at our clinic, saving you the need to be referred. This advanced technology creates a virtual patient in 3D, supporting all clinical needs and requirements to achieve the best possible results.

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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a combination of different technologies and software suites working together to design your smile on screen. Using a 3D intraoral camera, our photography suite and our digital technology, we can show you how your transformed smile looks in use. Rather than relying on models of your teeth and relying on our imagination, we can show you how your smile will look with our virtual software. With Digital Smile Design (DSD), you get the closest you can to a preview of your treatment before we begin.

What treatments use Digital Smile Design?

Most of our cosmetic treatments and restorative treatments make use of Digital Smile Design and our intraoral camera. You can expect to see the cutting edge system in action with:

Can I contribute to designing my smile?

Absolutely. We always encourage your input when we design your smile. Afterall, you know your smile best. Once we have captures your 3D scans and have your photographs ready, we will go through the different treatments and give you the power to pick and choose the end result.

Is Digital Smile Design used in a smile makeover?

Yes. Our system isn’t just limited to showing you one treatment result. We can show you the end result. If you’re having whitening and straightening, or veneers and whitening, we can show how they look in combination.

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