Unleashing the potential of your natural smile with adult orthodontics

No matter your age, you can achieve a beautiful straight smile with our straightening treatments. When it comes to Orthodontics and straightening, there are many fantastic options to suit your goals, needs, budget and time constraints. At TwentyOneDental, we have a diverse range so you can make a choice that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Whether you have an orthodontic need to address bite issues and jaw alignment or wish to neaten up crooked teeth and gaps in your smile, we can help get your smile where you want it to be - literally. Teeth straightening works through using gradual, gentle forces to move your teeth into a perfect position.

As a cosmetic dental treatment, teeth straightening is a brilliant solution for any crooked teeth and noticeable gaps in your smile. It also is incredibly kind to your teeth in that we don’t have to make alterations to your teeth as we do with treatments such as veneers and bonding. While teeth straightening does take months to move teeth to their end position, it does so with no negative impact on your dental health and, in fact, improves it.

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Why is a straight smile a healthy smile?

The aesthetic benefits of a wonderfully straight and neat smile are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall benefits of having straightening treatment.

Moving teeth into a straighter position frees any overlapping teeth, making them much easier to clean. Places where teeth overlap become perfect places for food debris to get stuck, making cavities and gum disease more likely. Teeth that are spaced as they should be make it much easier to floss and also makes it easier for your hygienist to remove any tartar and plaque from your teeth.

Orthodontics also focuses on ensuring your bite alignment is perfect. Your top and bottom teeth should mesh together when you bite down. Wonky teeth that have grown out of position can affect the whole row of teeth, meaning that some of the bite surfaces don’t align properly. This can lead to the wearing down of bite surfaces and also jaw problems. Having an aligned bite will prevent issues from escalating, keeping your teeth as fully functional and damage free as possible.

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Your choice of straightening in Brighton & Hove

At TwentyOneDental, our ethos centres around you always being in the driving seat when it comes to your treatment. Our straightening treatments are no different. With our Digital technology, we can use 3D scans and images of your smile to preview what your smile will look like after straightening. Together, we can design your smile and make what you envisage a reality.

If noticeable braces have put you off from benefiting from straightening, we have a great range of discreet aligners and braces that blend in with your smile so your don’t feel self-conscious. We also have fast straightening solutions.

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Short-term straightening options

Sometimes it’s only a few wayward teeth that are letting your smile down. With mild cases, we can use fast straightening treatments that fix issues and get your smile on track.

Six Months Smiles

Fixed, discreet braces that swiftly get to work.

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Inman Aligners

Removable aligners that are fast acting, affordable and effective.

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Invisible aligners

With clear aligners, you can achieve a wonderfully straight smile with little change to your day-to-day life. Removable and near invisible, no one will be any the wiser that you’re having straightening treatment. There’s no need to change your routines or your diet.

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The leading brand in clear aligners, Invisalign straightens smiles the clear and comfortable way.

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Comfortable, discreet and stain-free, spark aligners can address a multitude of alignment issues.

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Discreet fixed braces

If you missed the opportunity to have braces as a teenager, you can still benefit from expert orthodontic treatment as an adult. At TwentyOneDental, we have a choice of braces that blend in with your teeth so they are barely noticeable when you smile. Fixed braces can achieve precise and impressive results.

Damon braces

Using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Damon braces can fix mild and severe cases of misalignment.

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American Orthodontics

Advanced orthodontic treatment that makes use of ceramic brackets that are colour matched to your teeth.

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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on moving teeth into the most optimum position for your teeth to function as they are supposed to. Orthodontics makes use of braces and aligners to use gradual forces to guide teeth into a better position.

Dentists check on the alignment of young smiles when their adult teeth have fully grown to assess if they have a need for orthodontic treatment. Overbites, underbites and other noticeable misalignments become more tricky to treat later on in life and so orthodontic treatment is best had early on so patients can enjoy the benefits of a straight smile for longer.

Young mouths are also more pliant to orthodontic treatment as the jaw bone allowed more movement. That being said, adults can also benefit from the same treatment, only it can take longer.

Can you get orthodontics on the NHS?

Only practices with an NHS Orthodontic contact can offer the treatment on the NHS and even then it is only free for patients under 18. NHS orthodontic treatment is assessed based off the need for treatment. If we believe a young patient will need orthodontic treatment, we will carry out the assessment during a check-up using a test called the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). We can then refer to a practice with an NHS contract or you may choose to opt for private treatment where there are more options including clear braces.

Does my dental insurance cover orthodontics?

Dental insurers rarely cover braces and aligners as they are classes as a private, cosmetic treatment.

Do I need a retainer after treatment?

Yes. Retainers are an essential part of orthodontic treatment. We provide clear retainers that you wear at night as well as a fixed wire retainer that fits at the back of your front teeth. Retainers prevent teeth from moving back out of position once the treatment has finished and also prevents natural shifting as you get older.

What are the differences between aligners and braces?

Braces are fixed and can only be removed by a dentist. Aligners are removable and can be taken out when you need to clean them after a meal.

We have a range of clear aligners that allow you to benefit from straightening treatment without them being noticeable. Aligners like Invisalign and Spark work in stages. You will have a set of aligners made where each set moves your teeth a small amount until you’re ready for the next set. Usually you need to wear each set for a couple of weeks, maybe longer if your teeth are being stubborn.

With braces, you only have the one set made. Your teeth are guided into position slowly using the wires that gradually force your teeth into their new position. It’s important that you keep up a good oral hygiene regime when you have braces as sugary deposits can have a habit of getting stuck to the braces - providing the perfect place for bacteria to develop.

Why do I need to see the dentist when I have straightening treatment?

Your general dental treatment still carries on when you have braces or aligners. We will still need to see you every six months to check on your teeth, gums and mouth. Your hygiene appointments are also more important than ever as keeping braces clean can be a bit of a challenge at first.

Do braces hurt?

When first having aligners or braces fitted, there can be mild discomfort as the forces get to work. Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can help manage any aches in your jaw.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

The length of treatment depends on the severity of your case and the straightening system being used. We have braces that can straighten smiles in a matter of months, yet these braces are only suitable for mild misalignment. Treatment can start as short as six months and can also end up lasting years. We will always make it clear how long you should expect to wait before starting. However, the long wait is worth it as the results last for a lifetime.

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