Digital Dental Implants

Digital Dental Implants and Their Benefits Explained

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are by far the best treatment for restoring a smile. Dental implants not only replace the part of the tooth that’s visible, but the root and the supporting structures as well. Because of this, they are long-lasting, more secure, reliable and more natural-looking than alternative treatments. Implants also come with dental health benefits and prevent the natural degradation of the jaw and facial structure that comes with prolonged tooth loss.

What are the causes of tooth loss?

Tooth loss is something that each of us face at some point in our lives and is a natural part of ageing. Our teeth go through a lot during our lives and while modern dental care means we keep our natural teeth for longer than ever, they are still prone to issues that result in them coming loose.
The most common causes of tooth loss are:

● Gum disease
● Dental decay
● Accident or injury
● Age

While we can prevent gum disease and cavities with routine dental care and hygiene, we can’t prevent the impact age has on our teeth and gums. Thankfully, restorative dental treatments can replace any missing teeth. Implants can be used to support a replacement crown, a bridge for multiple missing teeth and even a full arch. For patients already making use of complete dentures, we can place implants to retain the denture plate, improving your comfort and way of life.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

We completely understand that the cost of dental implants is a major drawback, however investing in the treatment promises results that will last a lifetime. Having a fully functional smile can be life changing, especially for patients who have significant tooth loss. Here are just some of the reasons why implants are the top solution for restoring teeth and getting lives back on track.

Boost confidence and self-esteem

Having a full smile again lifts self-confidence back to where it should be. No more hiding smiles behind hands and ducking out of photos. Our restorations look just the same as natural teeth. Once the treatment is complete, no one will be any the wiser than you have had dental work done. Replacement teeth are colour-matched and digitally crafted by our own in-house dental technicians to completely blend in.

Prevents teeth from shifting out of position

Leaving a gap in your smile for too long can cause the surrounding teeth to move over time. This can affect the way your teeth mesh together when you bite, causing bite surfaces to wear down and can even cause jaw problems if the bite comes out of alignment. Restoring a missing tooth with an implant keeps the natural teeth on either side from moving out of position.

Improves facial structure and support

Dental implants improve the strength and integrity of the jaw and facial as they encourage bone to replenish and grow around the metal. In cases where there isn’t sufficient bone density to support an implant, we use bone grafting to replenish and regenerate the site ahead of placing the implant. This process helps provide strong and healthy bone, ensuring the implant has a reliable foundation.

No changes to diet and life-style needed

Once fully fused, implants act just like natural tooth roots. There is no need to worry about adjusting your eating habits as implants and your new teeth will be durable and secure. Unlike with full dentures, implants remain secured so there is no need to remove them overnight. Implants, once in place, can last a lifetime if well looked after.

Easy to look after

Implants need just as much care and attention as natural teeth, but they don’t need any special attention as is the case with removable false teeth. Regular brushing and inter-dental cleaning is just as essential as implants are still susceptible to gum disease. For your implants to have the best chance, you need to make sure your gums stay healthy. This includes maintaining regular hygiene visits.

What types of dental implants are there?

Single implants

A single implant supporting a crown can replace a missing tooth in place of a bridge. If you need to have a tooth removed, we can place an implant almost immediately, using the space where the natural tooth root leaves behind. This spares the need to re-enter the site with the implant and reduces trauma to the supporting bone and gum tissue. The implant also fuses more successfully.

Implants supporting a bridge

To replace partial dentures or replace multiple teeth being extracted, we can use one or two implants to support a bridge.

Denture-retained implants

We can place special implants to support your existing partial or complete dentures. Our inhouse dental technicians can modify your dentures, removing the acrylic plate, and placing sockets which can fix on implants placed in your mouth.


The All-on-4® treatment can restore all teeth if you have complete tooth loss. The process involves removal of all remaining teeth, if any remain, and placing 4 dental implants on the bottom jaw and six at the top. These implants are carefully positioned to support a full arch of false teeth without a plastic plate as is needed for complete dentures. We’ll provide a temporary prosthesis to wear while the implants fuse, then fix the permanent replacement teeth when the implants are healed and ready.

Why Have Digital Implants At TwentyOneDental?

We’ve enhanced implant treatment at our clinic, using computer-guided surgery and CAD/CAM technology to provide the very best standard of restorative care.
Our digital dental laboratory and cutting-edge equipment has streamlined implant placement, meaning you can have a fully restored smile in a single day. We focus on delivering your treatment with convenience, comfort and care. Digital implants promise a quicker recovery, a higher success rate and the most comfortable experience.

1.No Hidden Surprises

With our 3D imaging dental technology, we give you the chance to virtually ‘try before you buy’. Before we even start on your implant treatment, you can see what your new teeth will look like. We work together to make your new smile one that you can be proud of, making any adjustments at the chair side until you’re 100% happy with the future result.

2.Pinpoint Accuracy

Making use of our 3D CBCT scanner, we plan implant treatment with complete precision. Our team of expert implant surgeons leave nothing to chance with accurate 3D imagery of your facial structure, including blood vessels and nerves, ensuring the treatment is carried out as safely as possible. We take everything into consideration as we plan treatment using our digital technology. Precise surgery has the least impact, making it the least invasive while achieving the best results.

3.Improved Recovery

Digitally-guided surgery results in a shorter recovery time. We limit the impact our surgery has on the surrounding structures of the face and jaw meaning less healing time and an overall more comfortable experience. Ahead of surgery, our digital x-rays help us foresee any complications, meaning we can address any need for bone replenishment before any problems can arise.
We also offer revolutionary PRGF treatment to give your smile a helping hand towards healing, using your own natural healing factors in your blood’s plasma to speed along recovery time.

4.A New Smile In a Single Day

Digital dental technology streamlines treatment to the extent that we can restore smiles in a single day. With our fully equipped digital dental laboratory, we can manage all steps of your treatment in the same building. Our combined team of dental technicians, implant surgeons and specialist dentists work in synergy to produce the end result on the same day we carry out surgery. We can place implants, take digital impressions, make replacement teeth and have them fitted all within a few hours.

5.Life-Changing Results

Dental implants are the gold standard of restorative dental work. The results speak for themselves. When planning your treatment, we take every aspect of your smile into consideration. Our photography suite captures your smile so we can design the best results for you. The end results promise to let your natural smile shine with confidence. Our expertly crafted restorations look just like the real thing, digitally designed and crafted at our laboratory.

What does digital implant treatment involve?

Implant treatment can span over several months with much of the time spent on recovery. To get the best results and ensure your implants last as long as possible, we take additional steps to speed up healing and ensure that there is sufficient bone density to support the implant itself. PRGF treatment being just one of many factors why patients choose us.

Here are our process steps:

1. Consultation

We offer totally free no obligation consultations with our treatment coordinator as a perfect opportunity to visit our clinic. You can also talk through our different treatments and discuss what we think will work best for you. We don’t tie you into any contracts and are always up-front about what to expect.

2. Assessment

Our first major step in implant treatment is a thorough assessment. This involves taking 3D digital x-rays with our inhouse CBCT scanner as we will need an accurate picture of your bone structure. If there isn’t enough bone to work with for a successful implant placement, we can arrange for bone grafting treatment and even a sinus lift for the upper arch to create more space and have access to more bone. These treatments will add extra time, but will ensure the implants have the best chance of success.

3. Implant Surgery

Our dedicated expert oral surgeons will carry out any preparative work, such as bone grafts, sinus lifts and any extractions ahead of implant placement. Once healed, we arrange an appointment for your implant placement. During your implant placement, we make sure you are completely appraised every step of the way. We have sedation available for nervous patients, helping to keep them comfortable and at ease during the treatment.
We make full use of our digital technology, using computer-guided surgery to ensure implants are placed with complete accuracy. Once we have finished placing the implants, we arrange for a temporary bridge or denture for you to wear while the implants heal and fuse into place.

4. Digital impressions

Once the implants have successfully fused to the bone, we prepare the implants for your permanent replacement teeth. We take scans of your mouth shape and the abutments on the implants using our 3D intraoral scanner. These digital scans are sent to our dental laboratory.

5.Crafting replacement teeth

We then make your new teeth using CAD/CAM technology. It can take a couple of hours, but we can have your new teeth crafted, colour-matched and polished in a day.

6. Fitting

We invite you back into the surgery for your fitting – our favourite stage of the process. You can see your new smile for the first time. We carry out checks to make sure the fit is perfect, making any adjustments if necessary, then we fit your new teeth in place. Having our own in-house dental technicians ensures any adjustments needed can be undertaken there and then, without having the usual wait when external technicians are used. Something we again pride ourselves on providing our patients with a full team of surgeons and technicians, ensuring exemplary treatment and care is provided at all times.

7. Aftercare

Looking after your implants is a team effort. While the implants themselves aren’t vulnerable to dental decay as is the case with natural teeth, your gums are still vulnerable to bacteria and periodontal disease. It’s the chief cause of implants failing. A great dental care regime at home, on top of regular visits to your dentist and hygienist every six months, is your groundwork towards having your implants lasting a lifetime.
Get started on restoring your smile and self-confidence.

If you’re fed up with dentures or have a gap in your smile that is dragging your self-esteem down, implants are the best solution for you.
To talk through your options, including all patient benefits including the use of digitally guided dental implant surgery, feel free to book a no-obligation free consultation using our online form here.

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