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Patient appointment FAQS

Patient Appointments – The New Normal

The “new” normal will probably not look like the “old” normal for a long time, if ever again. The many changes include:

  • New approaches, products, technologies and treatments
  • Changes to the structure and delivery of dentistry
  • Changes for patients booking and securing dental appointments

Why am I having to check and complete forms BEFORE each appointment?

For the benefit of everyone’s safety including our own team, the dental industry must continue to ensure a COVID19 safety questionnaire is fully completed before a patient attends the clinic. A patient’s medical history will also need updating but only if more than 6 months has passed since the last update.

So what do I need to continue to do when arranging my appointments?

  • When we book your appointment, you will be sent an email that same day. Payment does not need to be taken at this point unless it is within 3 days of your appointment date. Should you have changed your email or mobile, it is extremely important you let us know straight away.
  • A reminder email and text message will be sent 3 days prior to the appointment. This email/text link contains the PATIENT PORTAL linked to your own patient file and which you will need to complete so your appointment can proceed. Our front of house team will also call you on your preferred contact number after sending the reminder to ensure that you complete all the relevant forms in your patient portal link in order to secure your appointment. This is a mandatory requirement which all patients must complete so that their appointment can then be confirmed.
  • Upon successful completion, each patient will then automatically receive their own dedicated QR code. This QR code is your confirmation that your appointment is now CONFIRMED. You should then attend your appointment at the time specified. Your QR code will be your PASS which you will need to show upon arrival at your appointment.
  • We know that many of you have busy lives, so if you do happen to forget to complete this mandatory form and to avoid your appointment being postponed, we will telephone you 3 days before your scheduled appointment to confirm your booking and, when we will then take payment over the telephone. If we cannot get hold of you, front of house will leave a telephone message for you to kindly call them back. Your cooperation in returning their call will be much appreciated so your appointment can still proceed. Telephone calls only. Please do not email.

Your email & mobile contact details

Please do let us know straight away if your email or mobile number has changed.

What happens if I don’t complete and submit the information within this timeframe?

In the unlikely event you do not complete your forms or receive any email or text from us by 9 am the day before your appointment is due, please telephone us urgently (no later than any working day 9.30 am the day before your appointment is due) on 01273 202102. This is so we are all fully safe and compliant and we won’t then need to postpone your appointment. Telephone calls only. Emails cannot be sent.

In order for us to remain fully compliant with all new industry-led guidelines, it is therefore really important to remember that your appointment will only be able to go ahead if one of the following has taken place:

  • telephoned the clinic and received confirmation that your appointment is still going ahead or;
  • you are in receipt of a QR code.

What is the purpose of a QR code?

The purpose of our newly implemented QR Code booking system ensures that we continue to adhere to dental industry guidelines by ensuring we have all your up-to-date information on our system prior to attending for your appointment with us.

This ensures your dental surgeon or hygienist/therapist can then proceed with your appointment.

And finally

On behalf of the entire team, please accept our thanks for your understanding with all these changes we have had to adopt including the new way bookings are required to be made and of course, the extremely strict safety guidelines we have in place pre, during and post appointments.

You are in safe hands with us.

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