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How Communication with Your Dentist Can Ease Phobias

Avoiding the dentist due to a phobia will inevitably place your teeth and gums at risk. If you fear the dentist, take comfort in knowing there are ways to cope. – First, find a gentle dentist who is experienced in helping patients with anxiety and fear. Talk about your fears. – Ask if you can listen to relaxing music during the treatment. – Ask whether sedation dentistry is an option. “Find a dentist who cares and is sensitive to your needs and understands that everyone tolerates pain differently.” Learn more about this condition by following the link below: https://yourdentalhealthresource.com/do-you-have-severe-dental-phobia-heres-how-your-dentist-can-help/]]>

Dr. Adyl Asani

GDC Registration Number: 73480

Dr Asani is our Clinical Director at TwentyOneDental. He has a special interest in Implantology and graduated from one of the most prestigious Dental Schools in the UK, Guys Hospital, London (UMDS) in 1997. For the past 20 years, Adyl has built up an admirable reputation in Hove, with his professional yet personable approach.

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Dr. Ignacio Farga Ninoles

GDC Registration Number: 232493

Ignacio has been practicing in private practice since 2010. Particularly known for achieving outstanding results using the latest technology, he has an extremely sensitive and genuinely caring approach with all his patients.

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Dr. Jose Cordero Bayo

GDC Registration Number: 170042

Dr. Bayo has been practicing in private practice since 2009. A truly caring dental surgeon who has previously been in private practice in Worthing for many years where he built up an admiral reputation with his amazing use of digital technology and extremely happy patients.

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