Protecting your toddler from tooth decay

Protecting your toddler from tooth decay

Protecting Your Toddler From Tooth Decay

Children form habits very easily and at a very early age, so it’s up to all of us to help them keep dentally fit.

We want them to grow up with healthy teeth and gums so guiding and educating them from a young age will help ensure a lifetime of good oral health. Here’s a few tips on how to keep your little ones free from cavities:

  • The first teeth usually start to appear at around six months and are all through by three years
  • Dental caries (tooth decay) is a softening of the enamel which leads to holes in teeth
  • Tooth decay can cause discomfort and distress to children
  • There are many reasons for developing tooth decay so prevention is always better than treatment
  • Diet plays an important part in preventing tooth decay, especially limiting the amount of sugary food and drinks to four times a day, at meals and having just one snack a day
  • Water and milk are the only drinks that should be consumed between meals and snacks
  • Undiluted fruit juices cause erosion of the dental enamel and they should always be diluted before drinking
  • All drinks should be taken from a cup or glass using a straw, not a bottle
  • Tooth brushing should start once the child’s first teeth have appeared
  • Toothpaste should always contain fluoride, even if the drinking water is fluoridated
  • An easy way to brush a toddler’s teeth is from behind
  • If children need medicines they should always be sugar free. If none are available they should, if possible, be taken with their meals and not last thing at night

Possible Vaccine Against Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the major causes of cavities and lost teeth but help could be at hand even for those with poor dental hygiene. A vaccine, developed in China, could be a new “miracle cure” for tooth decay and cavities. Tests carried out to date have shown the jab can help:

  • Remove plaque build-up
  • Prevent or reverse cavities
  • Prevent tooth decay Although still in the research stage, the new vaccine has the potential to “transform dental healthcare”

How Sealants are Used to Prevent Tooth Decay

Some teeth are more prone to decay than others; this is why some dentists advise getting a sealant:

  • Teeth with a chewing surface (the back molars) contain grooves to aid grinding of food; it can be difficult to clean these grooves sufficiently.
  • The dentist can apply a dental sealant to these teeth to act as a barrier, protecting against plaque and bacteria buildup.
  • The procedure is very quick and only requires one visit to complete.

“Sealants, which hold up well under the incredible force of everyday chewing, may last for years before a reapplication is needed.”

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