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Why Snoring Should Not Be Ignored

Snoring can be embarrassing to many and annoying to partners. Yet snoring should not be ignored, especially if you have a feeling of being constantly tired during the day. This could point to a disorder called sleep apnoea, for which loud snoring is the main symptom.

Sleep apnoea occurs when the airways become obstructed while asleep, resulting in a lack of oxygen. You may awake gasping for air and this can happen frequently through the night. The resulting lack of sleep hinders your concentration and increases your risk of being involved in an accident.

Left untreated sleep apnoea can also lead to serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes and stroke. At https://www.sleeptest.co.uk you can obtain an at-home sleep test which evaluates your blood oxygen levels in order to diagnose sleep apnoea.

Once diagnosed with the disorder you can work with your doctor to determine the best treatment plan. Many dentists can supply oral appliances which push the lower jaw down while you sleep to keep your airways free. Whichever treatment method is deemed best for your degree of sleep apnoea you should be able to manage the disorder, allowing you to return to having good, rejuvenating sleep once more.

Do you have sleep apnoea? An in-home Sleep Test provides a quick, convenient and affordable way to have sleep apnoea confirmed. All studies are independently analysed by experienced NHS-qualified sleep professionals, and use the WatchPAT recording device for unrivalled accuracy.
Learn more about sleep apnoea: https://www.sleeptest.co.uk

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