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Foods You Should Eat When You First Have Dentures

Foods You Should Eat When You First Have Dentures

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 26/05/2021

It can take a little time to adapt to chewing with dentures. Your dentist can help advise you on the foods to eat when you first have dentures to replace missing teeth. Key takeaways: – Eat soft foods to begin with, such as scrambled eggs, soup, yoghurt and oatmeal. – Avoid harder foods like apples,…

The Importance of Your Smile

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 14/05/2021

Smiling helps us communicate emotions as well as boosting our mental well-being. A confident smile relies on healthy teeth, and is another reason why regular dentist appointments are important. Key takeaways: – Smiling releases endorphins, helping to deal with stress and trigger positive emotions. – Feeling positive about your smile can boost self-confidence and result…

5 Things You Need to Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 07/04/2021

Wisdom Tooth Problems Situated at the back of the jawbone, wisdom teeth are the last permanent molars to appear and can often be problematic for patient and dentist. Because humans no longer need to chew on really hard foods, these molars are essentially redundant. Also, the human mouth is now smaller than in ancient times…

What Are the Causes of Jaw Popping?

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 31/03/2021

Problems with one or both temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can result in jaw popping. A dentist can recommend treatment for jaw popping, helping to alleviate any resulting discomfort or pain. Key takeaways: – Besides a TMJ disorder, jaw popping can be caused by habits such as teeth grinding and chewing fingernails. – A dentist may recommend…

How a Dentist Can Help to Quit Smoking

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 18/03/2021

It is widely accepted that giving up cigarettes is not easy and any assistance in doing so is to be welcomed. An unlikely source of support in quitting the habit is the dentist, as they are often the first to notice oral problems caused by smoking. When trying to quit smoking the dentist can assist…

Dental Implants the Best Choice

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 04/03/2021

Dental implants are widely recognised as the best method for replacing missing teeth. Unlike dentures, bridges or false teeth, implants require no special attention or cleaning. When fitted by a dentist, a dental implant has a number of distinct advantages over alternative methods of tooth replacement as they: – Look, feel and act just like…

Making Dentistry Fun For Children

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 09/02/2021

Making dental hygiene fun can encourage children to brush and floss regularly. Alongside regular trips to the dentist, this can help make sure their teeth develop properly. Key takeaways: – Using play, you can practice visits to the dentist with children, encouraging good oral care habits. – Interactive apps can be used to engage children…

The Different Types of Dental Implants

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 28/01/2021

Dental implants are intended to replace one or more missing teeth. Your dentist may have two options in choosing materials for the implants. The two most common substances are titanium and zirconia. Let’s take a quick look at some of the main qualities of each in order to appreciate your options: – Titanium is extremely…

Why do I have Sensitive Teeth?

Posted by: Dr Panayiotis Karavellas Posted 07/01/2021

Having sensitive teeth means that eating hot or cold items, even spicy and sweet substances, can cause pain. Worn or damaged tooth enamel is usually the reason. Key takeaways: – Schedule regular checkups with your dentist to treat plaque and spot early signs of enamel damage. – Brush teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid…

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