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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Do you snore? Do you wake up with a headache or dry mouth? Are you constantly struggling to concentrate and suffer from daytime sleepiness? If so, you may have obstructive sleep apnoea.

This serious sleep disorder causes pauses in breathing that can occur hundreds of times a night, jolting you awake without you realising. Chronic sleep deprivation affects your physical and mental health as you are not as energetic or productive as you should be.

It’s important to get diagnosed and treated for sleep apnoea it can lead to more serious conditions such as liver problems, diabetes and heart attacks. Those more likely to have sleep apnoea include overweight men over 50 years, a neck circumference of >40 cm and those with a family history of sleep apnoea.

Although this is a scary condition, it is easy to treat. Certain lifestyle modifications can help mild cases and more severe cases can benefit from oral appliances and special breathing devices. Oral devices can usually be obtained from your dentist, as they are custom fit to your mouth.

Do you have sleep apnoea? An in-home Sleep Test provides a quick, convenient and affordable way to have sleep apnoea confirmed. All studies are independently analysed by experienced NHS-qualified sleep professionals, and use the WatchPAT recording device for unrivalled accuracy. 

Learn more about sleep apnoea: https://www.sleeptest.co.uk

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