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The Magic of Digital Dentistry

-Dr Panayiotis Karavellas

New technologies have developed quickly over the past few decades and have transformed many aspects of our lives. These advances have also had an important effect in the healthcare sector, and dentistry is no exception.

Thanks to the latest technological developments, diagnosing and treating many dental conditions is now easier and faster, since new digital techniques eliminate the need for time-consuming manual procedures. 

Another advantage of digital dentistry is that it makes it easy for patients to visualise treatment results and to see the progress they’re making. This means that you no longer need to imagine how your smile will look like once treatment is complete: you can now see it in detail thanks to dental imaging technology.

Digital technology has also made dental imaging procedures safer. For example, this technology can be instead of traditional dental x-rays to get detailed images while cutting down exposure to radiation by up to 70%. And because new dental technology is so accurate, it can detect serious oral health conditions like oral cancer in their early stages, which contributes to higher chances of treatment success.

Other innovative uses of digital technology in the dentistry field include decay removal using laser devices, implant surgery, and the creation of prosthetic teeth using 3D printing technology. In all these cases, patients can look forward to fewer appointments and less invasive diagnosing and treatment procedures. 

At TwentyOneDental we are proud to be at the forefront of modern dentistry. The entire team has exemplary skills and expertise in digital technology, housed on 3 entire floors within the clinic, alongside our onsite laboratory in state-of-the-art facilities.

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Dr Panayiotis Karavellas

GDC Number: 252290

Panos is the most recent addition to complement our highly skilled clinicians and brings with him passion, enthusiasm and energy. Panos believes in delivering the best care possible at the highest of standards consistently and hence uses magnification routinely at a factor of 5 through the use of loupes – “no detail is too small”.

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