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Why Children Are at High Risk of Tooth Decay

Children are susceptible to tooth decay, and the risk increases as children become older and more independent. Between ages 6 to 11 it is estimated 1 in 4 children experience tooth decay. From age 12 to 19 this increases to 3 in 5 children.

One of the main reasons for tooth decay is diet. Children are drawn towards sugary choices like candy and fizzy drinks. Many foods are highly processed today, with high sugar level, creating the perfect acidic conditions for bacteria to thrive. This bacteria leads to a buildup of plaque and tartar, leading to tooth decay.

Everyone wants to treat their child, but moderation is key. Try to minimise snacks which are high in sugar, stocking up on more fruit instead. As well as cooking more with fresh ingredients, you can also encourage your child to drink water in place of sugary drinks like cola.

As with adults, oral care is essential in reducing the risk of tooth decay in children. One of the reasons tooth decay may increase as children get older could be because their oral care routine is not overseen so much by their parents compared to when they were younger. As children enter their teens, they may not keep to as strict an oral care routine as before.

Reminding children of any age why oral care is so important can help make it more of a priority in their eyes. This is similar to how when they were younger, when you might brush your teeth as a family to illustrate to them how everyone needs to keep their teeth clean. Teaching children how to brush and floss properly will also set them in good stead.

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Eamon Dehdashti

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Eamon is our resident dually-qualified Hygienist/Therapist and offers treatments ranging from our platinum clean which includes a jet spray polish, to more comprehensive courses of gum therapy. Being a dually-qualified Dental Hygienist/Therapist, he also provides a wider range of routine procedures and treatments such as fillings on adults and children.

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