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Dr Adyl Asani Talks With Dentistry.co.uk

Dr Adyl Asani Talks With Dentistry.co.uk

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 03/06/2021

Last year, TwentyOneDental were thrilled to have won not one, but two awards at the Private Dentistry Awards: Best Digital Practice and Practice of the Year 2020. In an interview with Dentistry.co.uk, Dr Adyl Asani reflects on this incredible double win for TwentyOneDental, plus, why the Private Dentistry Awards are important for both the dental…

Can a Dentist Correct a Lisp?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 01/06/2021

Speaking with a lisp affects many people and the proper treatment of the condition will depend upon the underlying cause. Lisping occurs when the tongue makes improper contact with the roof of the mouth, which leads to difficulty pronouncing certain letters. In a number of cases misaligned teeth are usually the culprits and a dentist…

Can You Reverse Tooth Sensitivity?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 19/05/2021

Teeth sensitivity occurs when the tooth enamel is worn away, exposing the softer dentin beneath. Treatment from a dentist can improve tooth sensitivity, even if it cannot be fully reversed. Key takeaways: – Tooth sensitivity caused by cavities or gum disease can be improved after treating the underlying cause. – Sensitivity due to enamel worn…

Need to Know: Safe Dentistry During Covid

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 04/05/2021

Dentists are taking extra precautions because of COVID in order to manage regular appointments and teeth cleaning schedules. Key takeaways: – If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, your appointment will be rescheduled. – Dental surgeries will reduce patient numbers by various methods to maintain good social distancing at the practice. – Many dentists can…

When Are Invisible Braces A Good Choice?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 13/04/2021

Braces can be made of metal, porcelain, or medical-grade plastic, as is the case of Invisalign. A dentist may recommend Invisalign invisible braces for certain patients: – People with an active lifestyle or involved in contact sports, as the aligners can be removed to avoid injury. – Teenagers who may have confidence issues when wearing…

Will Tooth Sensitivity Go Away?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 25/03/2021

Tooth sensitivity can occur briefly after some dental procedures. Tooth sensitivity due to enamel damage will not go away on its own and you may experience pain when consuming hot or cold items. Key takeaways: – Regular dental check-ups allow your dentist to check the condition of enamel. – A dentist can assess the cause…

Cavities: The Basics

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 11/03/2021

A cavity is simply a hole in the tooth where the tooth enamel is damaged. A dentist usually fills the cavity to prevent further dental problems. Key takeaways: – Cavities are preventable and regular check-ups can help detect any problems early on. – Avoid smoking and follow a healthy diet. – Brush teeth twice a…

How Will a Dentist Repair a Damaged Tooth?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 25/02/2021

Teeth can sometimes become chipped or cracked due to trauma or simple wear-and-tear. Although this is not a pleasant situation, your dentist will offer up a number of solutions. Each of these are intended to address the issue at hand while restoring your smile to its former glory. Here are three common techniques to consider:…

Why Have Your Gums Started to Bleed?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 04/02/2021

Do your gums bleed on occasion such as immediately after you brush your teeth? If so, this could be an early sign of gum disease and you should see your dentist. Let’s look at three key takeaway points to keep in mind. Gum disease is a sign of a bacterial infection which can travel through…

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