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Three Ways To Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Three Ways To Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 30/04/2020

If you’re experiencing discomfort when eating or drinking anything hot or cold, chances are you’ve developed tooth sensitivity. Here are three ways of reducing the symptoms. Key takeaways: Get a soft-bristled toothbrush and desensitising toothpaste. Avoid brushing your teeth applying too much pressure. Book a fluoride treatment with your dentist. This will strengthen the enamel,…

How Partial Dentures Can Improve Your Smile

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 08/04/2020

How Partial Dentures Can Improve Your Smile Are you missing one or more teeth? If so, partial dentures could represent an excellent solution. Similar to retainers, these dentures provide replacement teeth that restore your smile. Benefits of partial dentures: Involve a non-surgical method to replace missing teeth. Natural-looking and functions like natural teeth May be…

Are There Any Options Besides a Root Canal?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 02/04/2020

There are times when a root canal may be required if one or more teeth has been severely damaged (such as through an injury or an infection). However, you might also be able to leverage other treatments in order to address the issue within a short period of time. Three alternatives include: It might be…

Are Poor Genes to Blame for Poor Dental Health?

Posted by: Dr Adyl Asani Posted 12/03/2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Although genetics plays a part in dental health, environmental factors are as important: – Lifestyle choices such as a high-sugar diet, smoking and oral hygiene all affect your dental health as much as genetics. – Those who are more at risk of tooth decay or gum disease due to their genes can…

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